Thursday, September 27, 2007

Golda and Jenn= BFF

So I've had to read about Golda Meir for my Bible program. I am so dang impressed with this lady-EVERYONE needs to know more about her. She is the epitome of the statement "It only takes ONE person to change the world". I've always considered her one of my heroes, with just the simple fact that she was the first female Prime Minister of Israel. But now that I've learned more....WOOOWZA!

I really want to be more like this lady. I want the same tenacity she had to see her dreams come true. If it wasn't for her amazing deeds, I wonder if Israel would have ever had the chance to reclaim their land and be a nation again. She went there, when it was still under British control, and literally worked the land to try to bring life to it again. Then as time went on, she was given the opportunity to step up and become a key member of the group of leaders that helped establish the nation into being. When they needed money, she raised millions and millions of dollars-to create a shipping industry, an army, and even a national economy. She took on responsibilities that she didn't want, only because she saw the benefit in it for her people. AND her greatest accomplishment was that she became the Prime Minister of a nation, at a time when women were confined to their kitchens. These are only a few of the phenomenal things she did. I don't agree with her Socialist viewpoint on things, but I have the greatest of respects for her. EVERYONE, especially all my girls out there, needs to know more about Golda. I'd HIGHLY recommend her autobiography, My Life, by Golda Meir.

And I truly hope, and pray, that I can make even a fraction of the change in this world that she did.