Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So I decided to join the world again today…and what better way to start than with a blog. It’s been a crazy stressful couple of weeks. I’m still job-hunting…which is such a pain. (to all those who have been wondering, no-I didn’t take the phone actress job!) But really, is there anything more rejecting than looking for a job? Ugh. Well, now that I think about it, probably signing up for a dating site and receiving no inquires is probably more rejecting…not that I’ve done that, I’m just saying…and sorry to those that it’s happened to… but i digress

So in the midst of that, I’ve also had to move.


The house that I’ve been staying at was needing to be put on the market, so I needed a place FAST. Praise God for my friend Krista, she’s letting me stay with her, until I can get my own place. I’m SO absolutely grateful for her hospitality and friendship.
So, this last week, in the midst of scouring high and low for a job, I’ve had to pack and relocate my life. And if you know me at all, then you know this is a huge weakness in my life. Although I’ve moved at least 34 times in life (that’s an actual number people!) it still stresses me out. Really, it can completely shut me down. Every move in the last 10 years, has happened with the amazing help of Holly, who steps in and takes over when I sit in tears in the corner of a room. But this time, I just kept thinking, “Oh my goodness, what am I going to do?” But du-du-da (that was my trumpet sound)… my amazingly, fantastic, phenomenal, overwhelmingly fabulous Church peeps stepped up! Ok, really, I am so utterly blessed by them. If you don’t have a church home here in Colorado Springs, run, don’t walk, to Summit Rock Christian Fellowship! (bytheway-we meet at the Candlewood Suites on N. Academy at 10 a.m. on Sundays…) Last week, when I said I was needing to move, I had at least 10 people immediately say yes, they would help. Renee, who is my Wellness Hero (see previous blog), is now my Packing Hero. She came over and helped get my last minute craziness under control. I wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for her. And then Sunday after church everyone showed up to help me out. I was really speechless at the love and support they showed. And they were amazing!!! I ran in to finish up my room, take sheets off bed, etc. and by the time I did that, they had already had the majority of my things loaded up. WOW! Then, when we unloaded, we decided to time it for fun….and it took a record breaking 15 minutes to unload my stuff! Can you believe it??? Oy vey! (there has been talk of starting our own moving company)
And…in the midst of all the stress, AND, quite honestly, a raging case of PMS, I never once sat in the corner, crying, and declaring I was done in life. I felt totally stable and peaceful through it all. Praise God!!
And I need to say, that besides just the moving part, the people at my church have REALLY been there for me. Things have been very stressful these last several months, and I’ve totally been taken care of by my friends at Summit Rock. I can’t even list all the things they’ve done, corporately, and individually. But I’ve been very aware of the presence of God in my life during this last season, and have known, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that He really is taking care of my details. I am so glad I get to be a part of this group, and I hope I get to be there for them as much as they’ve been there for me.

Friday, January 11, 2008

God loves ME best

I am blessed. I was just sitting here thinking how God has amazingly taken care of me in the area of relationships. When I was moving here to Colorado Springs, I was really stressed about leaving all my friends, family, and church. I was so blessed in Lubbock with a GREAT group of friends…and an AMAZING church. I wasn’t sure how well I’d function up here. But God is so sooo good, and has blessed me tremendously in that area.
First of all, I have the girls connected with my Bible program and Bible Study. They are so fabulous and I love them dearly. Plus through them, I've met some great girls they work with at ACSI and I love getting to know them.
Church: God loved me enough to decide to move a group of people from my church in Lubbock to CS to start a church here. Now, I’m sure they’d tell you it was for an entirely different reason, but I like to think that God did it just for me. These are fantastic people that everyone in Lubbock was a little sad to let go of…but I get to still be connected with them!!
I’ve also had a couple of friends from my past just “randomly” decide to move to the area. Again, I’m sure they’d say it was for their own reasons, but, of course I think God did it for me. My friend Rachel, who I knew through YWAM and is such a precious-head, moved here last month. She didn’t actually come here to the Springs, but she’s just up in the mountains and we get to connect regularly. I am so happy we reconnected. Then my friend Sarah, who I totally adore, just recently moved here. Sarah is fabulous…and one of the only people I know from New Mexico who is relatively normal…well, as normal as Sarah can be.

Even in the midst of the other stress going on in my life, I’ve very much reminded that God DOES care about the details of my life. And I am so, so, so grateful for that.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

hhhmmmmm....I DO have a flare for drama....

I’ve been looking for a job. Can I just tell you that there’s nothing in the world that I hate more than looking for a job. I utterly despise it. I hate the search, the applications, and most importantly the INTERVIEWS. Ugh. Just got a little nauseous thinking about it.
The main obstacle is the fact that I need an amazing paying job, with an amazing flexible schedule. I’d LOVE to have one that I could continue working from home, but really, and office isn’t bad if it’s at least flexible. The important thing is that I can’t lose focus for the whole purpose of why I’m in Colorado Springs-and that is to do my Bible program.

So I’ve been searching and searching. AND…I think I’ve found the PERFECT job!! I can work from my home…I’d get pay $24 an hour… and all I need is a landline…and I’d make my own hours! WOW! Is it too good to be true??

It didn’t really give a detailed explanation as to my job description…it only says I’d be a “Telephone Actress”...