Friday, July 25, 2008

One thing I ask, only THIS do I seek...

One of my most favorite things to do is have “Waiting on God” moments. This concept has many names…Waiting on God, Soaking, Being, etc….but the concept is the same…you get in the presence of God with the purpose of adoring our Creator. It's not a time for intercession, warfare, etc…..its a time to come and do nothing but gaze upon the beauty of the Lord. To acknowledge His worthiness, and focus on Him, and Him alone.

I discovered the art of Waiting on God in 2001 during my SOIWSW (School of Intercession, Worship, and Spiritual Warfare) and have been hooked ever since. I do it by myself often…and have been known to drag my friends into rooms lit with candles and worship music playing softly and making them sit for a while in the presence of God. When I’ve led different groups- I always do my best to bring this concept in…even if it’s just ending our times together in that way. My church just recently started doing this on Friday nights, and I really look forward to these moments each week.

It’s amazing to me how His presence can come so quickly…and so richly…when we just take a moment to ask and then most importantly-wait for it. He has always showed up. Sometimes I “feel” it more than others. But He is always there, and I am always changed by that moment of encounter with the Almighty.

There’s something about seeking the Heart of God, and not His hand. This is a popular saying in the Christian world, but I wonder if we really get it. God wants His people to have that worshipful heart of Mary, to lay aside the things of importance in the natural, and just sit at his feet. Or be willing, in an act of extravagant worship, to break our alabaster inheritance over His awesome being. He wants us to come into that intimate chamber, where we don’t care about the world around us, or the enemy that is lurking and waiting to attack. He wants our full attention, to have our heart fully captivated by His gaze.

God desperately wants to share His heart with us, and the only way that can ever happen- is if we stop.

And lean against His chest.

And listen intently to its beat.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Is God really up then?

So those who know me, especially those from my past, know that I’m not exactly a “morning person”. In fact, back in the day, I was so passionately NOT a morning person, I despised anyone who was, and did my best to convince them that God was not even up early so it was pointless for them to be.

I have grown up since then. But I still wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m a big fan of the a.m. Actually, several years ago God had me getting up super early….at 5a.m., just to have quiet time with Him. It was a good season….but after a while…..the time got later and later…and later…

Now I know that people like to argue about when it’s ok to have your time with God. Blah blah blah. The facts are: There is something special about beginning your day with God…and not just finding a moment somewhere in it. It creates a foundation. Plus, when looking at scriptures…it’s very clear that God likes the morning. (I know, it’s a little sick) But He does. He declares that His mercies are new every morning, or that His joy comes in the morning. These of course are the 2 obvious samples…but I promise there are lots more…

So last week while in Kansas City…God and I were just hanging out having some praise and worship time…and in that precious, sweet, quiet moment, where your guard’s down and you’d say yes to anything… He says- “Hey Jenn…soooo, next week, ummm ya. You need to start getting back up at 5 and hanging with me.”

That totally has a mix of emotions to me. Part of me groans deeply…cause you know...5 a.m. is still a little bit horrific. But then really….if the Uncreated Creator is asking you to get up…and have that intimate moment with Him…when no one else is around, when nothing else can grab your attention away… that’s something you just can’t squander away.

So I’ve just ended my 2nd week…and it hasn’t been so bad. Actually, it’s been surprisingly easy. (well, ok, there were a couple of days the time slipped to 6). But I’ve loved this time, and am so glad to be back in it. About 3 weeks ago He was also telling me to re-read Ezekiel. That is one of my favorite books, and was used by God to totally change my life 10 years ago. So Chezi, God and I are hanging out deep in the quiet morning hours…

What are you doing?