Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy the H"" Word!

This week is Hanukkah. I LOVE Hanukah. Love. I’ve celebrated it for about 10 years now. It isn’t one of the God-ordained holidays that He told us to follow in the Bible…but I figure if it was important enough for Jesus to celebrate it- I’m all about it too! (John 10- He is observing the “Feast of Dedication”)

Random side note: I have this chemical malfunction in my brain that refuses to connect how the Hebrew Calendar coincides with our normal calendar. (I hate using the word ‘normal’- but I can’t think of the word I’m really wanting) So the days on the Hebrew calendar goes from Sundown to Sundown, while ours is Midnight to Midnight. That’s not the hard part. The part I can’t ever seem to connect is that when I buy a calendar with all the Jewish dates on it--- when it announces the First day of such and such…is it talking about THAT day at sundown…or should I have started the night before at sundown. Every year, every holiday the dilemma wrestles around in my head. It was MUCH easier when I was part of the Synagogue in Lubbock, because they would announce the exact moment it started. But now that I’m not a part of one, I just sit in cyclical quandaries. Because of this- I THOUGHT Chanuka started on Monday night…only to find out it started on Sunday night instead. I asked a friend of mine that I knew from the Synagogue to set me straight-and she says she struggles with it every year too- but found this website that list specifically the start times and she sits down with her new calendar every year and makes her notes. Fabulous! I’ll never be confused again!! Fyi: http://urj.org/holidays/jcal/index.cfm

Ok- back to my Hanukah love.
The reason I love it so much- is because of what the holiday represents.

Chanukah is a tangible reminder of God’s unchanging Faithfulness and His provision. I spend the entire season of Chanukkah just reflecting on that specific aspect of the character of God.

Not only that, but it’s all about Israel fighting back against Hellenism. For the simplest of definitions- Hellenism was the Greeks trying to force their language, culture, manners, etc., onto everyone else to make others be like them. This even included the very polytheistic faith of the Greeks. Erg.

Don’t you just love that my blog is not only entertaining…but it’s so highly educational as well! ;-)

Here’s the bare bone basic story of Hannukah...but trust me- there’s so much more to the story…

So back in the day- Antiochus takes power-and is over the land of Israel. He and his men also take over the Temple and set up an altar to Zeus and started sacrificing pigs to him. (mmmhmmm-pigs) Jews are slaughtered and Judaism is banned. Finally one of the families has enough, and starts a revolt to put a stop to Hellenism in their area. Mattathias is the leader. He eventually dies and his son Judah takes over. They name him Judah Maccabee (Judah The Hammer) Hmmmm- So Judah means “Praise”. Praise as a hammer….hmmmmmm…very interesting…

Ok so….the Jews win. They take back their Temple- but it’s obviously been horrifyingly defiled. In order to purify it, several things must occur-including the fact that the Menorah must burn for 7 days. They only had enough for 1 day- and it would take at least 7 days to make new oil. So they decided to go ahead and light the Menorah anyways- And THAT’S when the miracle occurred. The Menorah burned for 8 straight days and the Temple was purified and re-dedicated back to God!!

Channukah always holds a special place in my heart. One, because of the anti-Hellenism battle that takes place. (a subject that I am very passionate about) But also, the fact that it shows God’s love, faithfulness, and provision.

Even as I’ve been writing this throughout the day…God has totally shown up and reminded me of those simple little facts-in a very tangible way. He loves me so very much, He cares deeply about the details of my life, and the faithfulness of His provision will never cease.

So as you celebrate the holidays of this week, stop and remember that God IS the Keeper of Promises…and His steadfast character will always take care of you.

If you noticed- there’s a billion ways to spell Hanuka. I’ve tried to use them all…but here’s the rest I couldn’t fit in: Hanukka, Hanaka, Haneka, Hanika, and Khanukkah. ;-)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Magical Burritos

Ok, so I'm COMPLETELY creeped out by Qdoba's. For those that don't know Qdoba's- it's a poor mans Cilantros. For those that don't know Cilantros- well, that’s just the sad tragedy you exist in. (I would like to take this opportunity to state how much I deeply, deeply miss and grieve the loss of Cilantros. Not only because I moved to Colo Springs, but even more so now when I'm back in Lubbock. The world has not been the same since you've closed your doors. Please-if there is ANY justice or love in the world-please please please come up to the Springs and open one here. Do you hear me Justin? Shane S? Anybody? Anybody?)

Oh- by the way- we're talking burritos here. The ones that are the size of your head...

Anyways- so I was heading over to Kris and Renee's last week to finish up our last minute costume issues for Thanksgiving. (yes, that's right-costumes-that post will come soon) I stopped by the Q to grab dinner. Now it’s that whole-build-as-you-go concept- so I called Renee’ and she gave me her and Kris’ order and I relayed all the info to the people behind the counter. Nothing special. Didn’t carry on any other kind of conversation with them-just told them the orders.

All is well, I get to K & R’s…she busts out the burritos and places one where Kris is gonna sit. I see something written on it-and these thoughts go quickly through my head- “Oh that’s funny, it looks like Chris, but I’m sure it must say Chicken, cause they wouldn't have known it was Chris”. Then I see that it’s too short to say Chicken. So I said that same thought out loud to Renee’. She then looks at me oddly as says- It DOES say Chris- and mine says Renee’- and she holds hers out.


OK- I NEVER told the people at the Q their names. Never.
Yet- their names were on their burritos.

Does that NOT completely freak you out???

They have to apparently be psychic, prophetic, or just have AMAZING customer service skills and somehow listened to my conversation on the phone and figured it out. But even that- I'm sure I said Kris’ name- because I would have asked Renee’- What does Kris want on his? But I didn’t think I said Renee’s name…. Creepy creepy creepy!!

Obviously I HAD to take a picture of the mysterical burritos.

Which THEN led to another insane story. So I ran upstairs to get my phone, and couldn’t find it. I then ran out to my car. Still nowhere. Renee’ starts calling me to hopefully help in the investigation. I run BACK outside and can hear “Hey Mickey, You’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind, Hey Mickey! clap-clap clap-clap Hey Mickey!” (because what could possibly be a better fit for Renee’ than an 80’s cheerleader song!) So I run to my car, look around on the ground- nothing. Open my car to look inside- and the sound is quieter so I realize it must be outside. I keep looking around and around my car, all over the yard- nothing. Finally- I get down on the ground- and there is my phone- UNDER my car! Like, WAY under! I had to get down in the street and crawl under my car to get it. WHAT IN THE WORLD???

So the point of all this-is that not only did we have some magical-powered burritos that self named themselves…they ALSO saved my phone from being crushed as I drove away into the night.

Hmmmmmmm-Cilantros burritos never did THAT….

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I ♥ Costco

Small Rant-
By Jenn Beamer

I don’t get the uproar. I really don’t.

I am a girl of Passion. I am a girl who believes that it’s the small things that matter. I am a girl that takes a stand in the face of adversity, even when I am the only one that is standing.

But this, really?

THIS is a battle that needs to be fought?

Cause I don’t get it.

It started a couple of years ago, and I just received an email declaring the latest store we should now hate and should boycott…

because they are choosing to say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”.

Now why is it that I should be angry and refuse to shop at Costco?

Of ALL the battles in this world that need to be fought, of all the stances that need to be taken…why is this one such an issue?

Back in the day- when I worked retail during the holidays, I always chose to say- Happy Holidays, instead of Merry Christmas. It just made sense to me. We don’t know who chooses to celebrate what. There is a large population (and one that is growing I might add) who DOESN’T celebrate Christmas. So why can’t we say Happy Holidays instead?
I think one of the arguments is because they’re refusing to say “Christ”. OK, I see the point, kinda. But isn’t this stretching it just a bit?

Or they argue that it’s an attack on Christianity itself.

Ok. Here is where I show AMAZING amounts of restraint. Because I am absolutely positively refusing to go off on another tangent. BUT, I will say that I do not see it as an attack on our religion. Have you looked into the origins of Christmas? The origins of the holiday has nothing to do with Jesus. WE added Him to a pagan holiday- so why are we upset that His “name” is supposedly being taken back out?

The Church just gladly voted in a socialistic, murdering, Islamic-tied man into office. Yet we’re gonna cry about being told Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.

Give me a break.