Monday, June 23, 2008

Bible lesson for the day

Warning: Not for the weak stomached:

Proverbs says life and death is in the tongue.

Apparently I spoke death yesterday.

While moving my stuff, I got in a discussion about my goldfish with my friends. I inherited these goldfish from my niece when she moved back to Texas, and I haven’t really been a big fan of them. One was ginormous and really spastic, the other was a smaller, normal sized one. The ginormous one died a couple of months ago, so I was just left with the small one. I moved it into a smaller, normal sized fish bowl and changed its name to Dorothy.

Anyways….so I was going off to my friends about how I was really more annoyed by the fish than attached to it and I wouldn’t be sad if it would finally die. (I know-sounds heartless, but I just really didn’t like these fish.)

So this morning, I walked into my dining room, and saw something weird on the floor.
I walked closer to it….and realized…

It was Dorothy!!!

She was a little bit on the crazy side, and would jump around in the bowl. The other morning I filled up her bowl pretty full. APPARENTLY (and this is all speculation of course)…she freaked out, hopped out of the bowl….probably flopped around till she fell on the floor… which at some point, Carly, (Krista’s dog) found her and finished her off….cause there a bite mark on her. (bleh! SOOO gross)

And to be quite honest…I WAS a little sad about it.

So the moral boys and girls, is….

Be very careful what you speak out.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No turning back now

It’s official. The lease is sign.

When I finally got the paperwork done and was handed the keys, I was a little disappointed. I sorta expected a band to be playing or something.

But there was no parade.

I did just walk into my apartment….and sat……in silence…..staring all around me for a long long time.

It’s so good to be home.

I am a little bit worried- as I was sitting- I realized there was no place to put my bookshelves……hmmmmmm

So the lease is signed. My fabulous church peeps are moving me on Sunday. I’m going to do what I can until then. All my dishes and linens and stuff are gonna have to be washed after 4 years of storage.
I’m actually staying at Krista’s until next Friday though. She back in Lancaster visiting the Amish, and I’m hanging with her dog.

But that Friday….will be my very first night, in my very own bed, in my very own house.

I can’t wait.

Monday, June 16, 2008


I did it!

Faced my fears!

Overcame the unknown!!

I AM every woman!!!!

So…we won’t get into the painful and disgusting beginning details of the story…but when I was moving out of my apartment four years ago (thinking I would be coming to Colorado Springs in just 3 short months, mind you)…. I packed and labeled most everything very very carefully.

Most everything.

At the last minute (ok, to be fair, it wasn’t THE last minute, it was actually 3 whole hours before I was moving out of the apt), my plan as to where I was going to be staying during those 3 months changed. Some major moments of stress obviously occurred, and I wasn’t necessarily in my right mind for pretty much the rest of the evening. (actually, maybe even since then!) I didn’t pay close attention to where all the boxes were going as they were moved. That night everything got moved, the majority of it to storage, and a small amount of course was to stay with me.

So at some point in the shuffle and scuffle of the next several months, during my many trips to my storage space, I came across a box that sent a chill down to my very bones and shut me down for the next 4 years….. it was simply labeled:


Now, that’s not really a good sign for a box sitting in West Texas heat for months and months on end. I did have a vague recollection of packing it. I knew it had my Tupperware containers of flour, sugar, etc. But I also knew we added other stuff….and it was the other stuff that I was concerned about.

And I know it sounds ridiculous and crazy, but I really truly could NOT deal with it. At all. I went into full denial of it ever existing.

Eventually it ended up here in CS with all my other stuff. My friends saw the box during the move, and were just as concerned….but of course no one offered to help with it…or even peek in to see what could be lurking inside for that matter.

So tonight…I knew it was my chance. The trash will get picked up Wed. morning and I could go through it tonight and be done once and for all.

I bravely ventured into the garage and located the dreaded box. I opened it up…peered inside…..


AGAIN- God loves me best!

Nothing creepy abounded!!!

I did dump everything that was in the Tupperware….cause 4 years is a bit to long I would think….
But it was bug-free, mold-free, complete and total creepiness-free!

I was however sad with the fact that I just threw away a LOT of money in old food.
ESPECIALLY when I saw that there were 2 bottles of Curly’s BBQ sauce in there. WHICH- is pretty much like gold to me. It’s the BEST…and you can only get it in Kansas….so I have to buy tons at a time and then make it last till I can get to KS, or someone brings it to me.

But yay! It’s done.

I am SOOO dang brave!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Can it really truly be so????

Did ya’ll hear the Angelic choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus last Saturday???
Ya baby! That’s right… I have found a place to live!!!!

It still doesn’t seem quite real actually. I can’t believe I’ll FINALLY be out of the boxes that I’ve been in for 4 years! 4 years of being mobile, living with the basics, usually confined to just a bedroom, while the rest of my life was neatly packed away…for what should have been 3 mos. Then, of course, that small 3 months turned into 4 very long, very tough years. But, to quote a friend of mine, “It is finished.”
If I were perfectly honest (and that’s what blogging is for right?) I’m actually a mix of emotions between happy and sad. I’m so so happy I’ll finally have my very own place at last. That is huge. But, part of me was really disappointed when I realized it would just be an apartment I was going to have to get.
In these last four years I have been praying very hard and very specifically for a place to live while I was in Colorado Springs- and the top of my list was that it was NOT an apartment. I really wanted a house. And I’ve believed this entire time that that’s what it would be. So when I realized that I was for sure gonna have to get this apartment, I was relieved, yet, deeply saddened at the same time.

I know we don’t really need a moment (whhaa-waaaaaa)…so I won’t get any further into that part of life…

So to play the Glad Game- as far as apartment’s go- this one is fantastico! I’ll have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a HUGE kitchen that’s open, w/tons of counters and cabinets. The dining area is tiny, so creativity will be needed there…but I’ll have lots and lots of storage…AND a washer/dryer in the unit! Whoo-hoo. And of course-the MOST important, quintessential issue….that’s kept me on the hunt for these last 6 mos-and a big reason why no home in my price range was to be found…. IT HAS CENTRAL AIR!!!
Oooooohhh yaaaaaaaaa!
I’m telling you…..i really sometimes think CO people are on crack or something. All I ever hear is that you don’t REALLY need an AC here. What? What are you people talking about? If it gets to 85 degrees E-VER---- YOU NEED AC!
Last summer I was in a house that didn’t have it…. MISERABLE. Mis-er-a-ble. I just sat and cried every day for 2 mos.
AND….slight discovery, that I sorta knew but is now completely confirmed- I become an absolute cranky you-know-what when I’m hot. Ya. So obviously- AC was a must. And since most of the houses here don’t have it...I had to settle for an apt…CRAZY crazy people.

So there you have it. Pictures will be posted once I’m unpacked, settled and cutely decorated.

AND of course….second most important feature next to the AC….there is that guest room- so who’s coming to see me??????????

At least you know you won’t be hot.