Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I do hereby Tag MYSELF

Well, I hate to be the one to point it out mind you, but there has been some serious discrimination going on here in the blogworld.

It has to do with the latest "tag" going around...
where you're supposed to list 'My Husbands Favorites Things'.

blah blah blah

I mean, it's blatantly obvious that my Prince has apparently fallen off his horse...but do we need to really point that out over and over and specifically leaving me out of all the tagging fun??

Sooooooooo...on behalf of all the single girls out there...

I'm going to pretend that the Jennifer that Leslie chose was, in fact, ME...and not one of her "married" friends...

IF I had a husband at the current moment...THESE would be his favorite things...

Mix Tapes

Playing dominoes with the elderly

His two favorite streets:


His favoritest movies:
The Jerk and

He loves hosting gourmet Raclette Parties

In his spare time he enjoys reading about the History of State Fair Competitions.
Especially when it comes to Minnesota and their Red Cinnamon Pickle Competitions

He is proud member of the Brothers Gibb Fan Club

AND, most importantly,

he LOVES being a part of a Christian Worship band... (must see!)

(I stole this from the flippin hilarious hijinks I have linked on my blog list)

Ok, I think that about covers it...and I tag all the other single girls out there to make their own list!

P.S. Shout out to Holly for helping me come up with the list!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ezekiel Obedience

**warning- get's long!**

I’ve been in a very reminiscent place this last week. It all started when I was making plans for Rosh Hashanah. (The Jewish New Year-aka-the Feasts of Trumpets) I celebrate all the Jewish holidays- but this one in particular is my favorite. As I began to think about WHY it was my favorite- it hit me. It’s been 10 years since God radically changed my life. It’s a long story (but AMAZING)…so I’ll try to keep the details to a minimum.
I had just moved in with this random girl I met on a roommate bulletin board. She was louder and crazier than I was (hard to believe-especially at the time!) …and had an extraordinary relationship with God. Anyone who knows the fabulous Holly would definitely agree.
Now, I’ve always had a strong relationship with God…but my entire paradigm was about to shift in my knowledge of Him. Several things played into all this but let’s just say for time sake that it started because God told me to read about Ezekiel. (the Bible prophet- not the kid prophet!) I kept putting it off, cause I was busy. Then, for no natural reason whatsoever- I dislocated my right knee. (the most excruciating pain EVER). Suddenly I had all this time on my hands waiting for my knee to heal…and guess what I did…mmmhmmmm….I read Ezekiel. (which from here on out will be referred to as Chezi- the nickname for the Hebrew version of the name)

Ok, this is a CRAZY book. Chezi has these crazy radical visions of the Throne Room, and Living Beings, etc., etc. But, as I was reading-something about it REALLY made me angry. I HATED that no matter what insane thing God told Chezi to do as a prophetic act…the man JUST did it. Never argued, never questioned, just did it. (ok- so when God said he had to cook food over his own dung, Chezi asked if he could at least use animal dung instead-but STILL) God makes Chezi lie on his side for years, as this big declarative statement for the people of Israel. God didn’t let him publicly mourn the death of his wife. And he just quietly obeyed. It made me so angry- and I even kept asking God why couldn’t I study MOSES? I would relate better to MOSES. He was scared, he argued, he had a temper, etc. MOSES- I get. Ezekiel- not so much. But all God would say- Is to keep reading.

Now- up until this point- I did feel pretty good about my obedience with God. I always had the attitude that if I had been around during Noah’s time- of COURSE I would have helped him, or would have built it myself even. BUT- as I’m reading about Chezi, the reality hits me. If God asked me, at that very moment, to spend the next 2 years lying on my side at 82nd and Slide- I would say no. No.
I HATED that revelation about myself. HATED.
But I kept reading…

OK, so summary of that current season: I grew up in Dysfunction-Junction. Because of that- my whole life (22 yrs at that point) I was convinced God wanted me to go into counseling, psychology, etc. so I could help other families. Right before the whole Ezekiel thing came up, I was about to enter my 3rd semester of college when God said- Nope, don’t do that. I said- Ummmm…ok, what do I do? And God said- I’ve got another plan. I then said- Ummmmm….ok. What?


For MONTHS there was just silence. I knew God was going to send me in a different direction-but had no idea what. So I just waited. (not always patiently and quietly- that’s a REALLY hard place to be in!) During this time I read Israel, My Beloved by Kay Arthur (must read!) and it opened up this whole door of curiosity in my life. Was Christianity’s history really that corrupt? What is the significance of all this Jewish stuff? So, I just randomly started looking into it.
So now, I’m waiting on God, doing some random research…and then God said read Ezekiel…and so I throw that into the I wait....
OK…things get so complicated from here that I don’t think I could possibly write it all out. SOOOOOO let’s see if I can just sum up part of it-

God finally told me what He wanted me to do with my life. He said He wanted me to help break down the wall/chasm between Christians and Jews-through example and education. (there’s so much more to it…but, ya)
When this revelation came- it messed me UP. Completely. It was so far off my grid of comprehension I couldn’t even begin to process it. AND- Holly, the one person who might possibly understand that God was messing with my whole world and that I THOUGHT God might be saying insane things to me, was on the other side of the world, in India.
So I shut down. I NEVER spoke it out. I barely talked about it with God because I was trying too hard to convince myself I was crazy and go back to my original plan of being a counselor. Months, this went on. MOOOOONTHS.

Then the week before Rosh Hashanah of 1998 (the Year of Jubilee fyi!) some other crazy stuff happened- but basically God was like- "The time is NOW. Either say yes or say no- but the time has come to make a decision." OY! So that Sunday I went to church. I was still wanting “a sign” and was hoping Pastor Jackie would scream out a word of the Lord at me during his sermon. No such luck. I told God I just wanted to go to the front and have “a moment” with Him and I would get my heart straight once and for all. At the end of the sermon there was an altar call, but it was for something completely random and I couldn’t justify going down. During the closing prayer I was starting to freak out- I was desperately wanting that moment with God. (Ok- SO well aware these MOMENTS can happen anywhere- and have NO idea why I was so set on it happening down at the altar-I’m a little insane sometimes) After Jackie said “amen” he said- “I don’t know why, I just feel that there are people here who just want to come down and meet with God- so if that’s you- the front is open. We’ll have people here to pray for you” Don’t you just love him?

Of course I practically jumped the chairs to get down there. And I DIDN’T want anyone else to come pray for me-so I asked God to keep people away (He did). So, as I knelt, I told God YES- to whatever He wanted me to do with Israel.

And, being the God that He is…the conversation then went something like this:

God- Ok, now, say yes to everything
Me- Excuse me?
God-Say yes now- to anything and everything I will ever ask of you from this point on
Me- Ummmm-ok, like what?
God- No, say yes
Me- You can’t even give me a hint?
God- Nope, doesn’t work that way. I want you to have “Ezekiel Obedience” the kind that you will get up and do anything I ask, at the instant I ask it, and we won’t have to go through this miserable season we just had.

Wow. What the heck? FREAKED me out. So I kept kneeling there for several moments trying to comprehend what was happening.

But, I said YES. Yes to anything and everything God wanted. I really, truly, surrendered EVERYthing to Him at that moment.

I walked out knowing, that I know, that I know…that if God said- Hey Jenn- go lay on your side for the next year at Austin Bluffs and Academy…I would do it. No arguing, no questioning-just obedience.

That week we celebrated Rosh Hashanah. It was the beginning of a New Year-and a whole new walk with God. And it was after services that night, as I lay upside down on my bed (which I do when I’m stressed), staring at my Israel flag on my wall- that for the first time ever- I spoke out all the details of that last year to my bff Holly.

And my life hasn’t been the same since.

OH- during all this- my college pastor wrote an outline of the Old Testament. When he handed it to me, I of course immediately opened it up to Ezekiel. As he described the first couple of chapters, it said this-

Ezekiel saw the Glory of God (even MOSES only saw His backside)


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Impossibly Beautiful

I just absoutely love this song and have been listening to it all day...just over and over and over...
It's by Note for a Child:

Impossibly Beautiful
I am the question and you are the answer
I am the lyric with words,
who, like dancers,
Need you, the melody,
to give life to my song
I am a boat in the sea all alone
You are the North Star, guiding me home
I'm the explorer and you are the treasure I seek

And how can I dare to believe
I wake from this dream to see
Impossibly beautiful, you walk beside me
And all that I see in you
I just want to be with you
Impossibly beautiful, but beautifully true

I am a Japanese house made of paper
You, like a hurricane, lay me to waste
Here in my brokenness,
everything changes but you

And how can I dare to believe
I wake from this dream to see
Impossibly beautiful, you walk beside me
And all that I see in you
I just want to be with you
Impossibly beautiful, but beautifully true