Thursday, January 22, 2009

Music lovins

HAHAHAA! So I was ABOUT to write a blog about what a genius I was….and then God had to mess with me!

Really, I was going to write a blog about my new favorite music. I’ve been planning to do it for weeks now, but just haven’t stopped to do it. Then Amanda and Sarah gave some shout outs about my music…so I decided to make it priority today. (bythway- thanks girls-SO appreciate it!)
But I have to say first to Amanda… What? Are you kidding me? You haven’t heard of the IHOP stuff? Turn off TBN immediately and get on the web! (haha-j/k. Well…sort of…) ;-) I LOVE IHOP! (no, not the pancake place- the prayer place!) I would give anything to get to spend the rest of my life there in the 24/7 worship going on….but God actually has other plans for me. (I’m learning to cope with that)
Misty Edwards is my FAVORITE!! I’ve loved her for YEARS…even long before her first cd came out. She has such a deeply intimate heart for God…love love. ALSO- you can actually login to the Prayer Room from their website…but it costs $5 or $10 a month…which actually greatly bothers me…but that’s another issue for another time. BUT- the first Mon, Tues, and Wed of the month is free…just so you know.

NOW REALLY…the true point of this post is that I have a brand new music love!! And I’ve screamed out on Facebook and Myspace…but we might as well make it official with the blog. My new favorite is Kim Walker. Love love LOOOOOOVE her. I have to give props to Tonya Hart for introducing me to her!! She posted Kim’s YouTube link a couple months ago…and because I knew the song I almost didn’t go listen…but I’m SOOOO glad I did!! Everyone needs to go download her music RIGHT NOW! (I actually put a couple of her songs on my playlist) She is absolutely fantastico! I ain’t playin… go listen…

So here’s her YouTube stuff:

Myspace Music page:

AND THEN…go download her album ‘Here is my Song’ on itunes!!!

Which then also led me to the Jesus Culture album…which she is featured on. It’s various artists…Passion-ish concept. So spectacular!

And then to the genius part. Since I was going to do the music stuff…I tried for the 10 BILLIONTH time to add a particular song to my playlist…but it wasn’t already on so I’ve searched for months trying to make it all work. And finally….FINALLY today I got it!! It’s an AMAZING song. My friend Per Erling sang it when I was in Norway…and I fell in love with it instantly. I looked everywhere for it ever since (2001!) but could never find it. Well, Per randomly found a recording of it recently, by none other than the ubber-lovely Hillsong United (it is crazy to me that its NOWHERE…then suddenly it’s with the most popular worship peeps in the world) And I do think that Per Erling sings it better...but anyways... It has still taken me months to actually get it on website so I could get it on MY playlist. But today…I was TRIUMPHANT! And feeling rather genius-y.
BUT…they changed their silly layout for their player…so it was all crazy looking, and you couldn’t navigate it…so I TRIED to adjust it in the html code…and ended up TOTALLY messing up my blog…and it took me an hour to get it back to this point…which I still don’t think is how it was.
Anyways…it may be hard… BUT- everyone should also here the song Deeply in Love on my playlist. (it's toward the bottom if that helps)

Utterly fantasmo.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Still Dreaming...

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

Someday, Dr. King, someday....

Monday, January 12, 2009

There wouldn't be this Pedestrian Problem in Lubbock!

As usual, I haven’t blogged in many moons, and therefore seem to have too much to tell, which just gets me all boggled in the brain so who knows if you’ll ever TRULY be updated on my life! There’s my car, new music love, random blessings, New Year’s Eve party (mmhhhmm-costumes included), what I think about this New Year, etc., etc., etc.

But today- today we shall blog about my poor sweet baby- Miss Mitzvah.

Miss Mitzvah is my car. Mazda 626.

Mitzvah means- Good Deed. I think I named her that the first time Holly and I made a trip here to Colorado Springs back in 2000 and I was driving her up and down the mountains in the snow and ice!

Anyways….Miss Mitzvah has a boo-boo. A big boo-boo.

Right before Christmas, my office decided to take us to the Fine Arts Center for their Christmas Party. We were going to have a nice lunch, and then get to tour the museum. So lovely.

Soooo, we were all caravaning down there, and I was behind a lady we just hired and is helping out in our department temporarily. Well, I glanced down at the directions, and at the same time she stopped to let a pedestrian cross the street. Oops.

Apparently, when she started a few weeks earlier they should have introduced me and said- “Carol, this is the Sponsorship Dept. Manager, Jennifer. She’ll be running you down with her car in a few weeks, so watch out.”

We were around the corner from where we were going- so we just kept driving. Of course all the people walking around looked shocked and appalled at the hit-and-run.

My first thinking was obviously her car- which as I looked-seemed to be NO damage- just some scuffs. So I thought “WHEW Praise God!” until I looked at MY hood- and realized it was MUCH higher than it should be!! And poor Carol, she just looks in her rear-view mirror to see the damage to MY car- and was in a pure panic as to what hers would look like. (and much relieved to see it was nothing) Now, from that description, I’m sure you’re thinking- “WOW! She must have been driving a TANK. Or a Car of Steel or something!”
But no.

It was a Saturn.

A sad, piddly, little ole Saturn took my car out-at 15miles an hour. And was only left with a scuff to show for it.

So here’s my pics. It actually looks worse in real life. And from the front it looks like it just has a fat, swollen upper lip. But it pushed my radiator and battery and stuff back. It’s drivable- but it’s overheating…or has no heat at all....and is on borrowed time.

And the saddest part- is that I have NOOOOO idea what I’m going to do. So if you’re reading this- you now have the assignment to PRAY. I only had liability-so that’s not an option… And the car isn’t even worth what it would take to fix…so that’s not an option. And when I took the job- I knew the only way to make the budget work was IF my car held out-because I didn’t have a payment- and can’t afford one- So THAT’S not an option. Bleh. I’m really at a loss to know what to do. I just pray that it will last… and that God provides a HUGE miracle. But He is good, and faithful, and cares about the details of my life.

And I know it's random- and I won't bore you with the details- but there is HIGH sentimental value with this car, and how I bought it. And I've always, from the day I got it- wanted to give it away when I got a new one...and am SO sad that part is no longer an option either.

So for now- me, Miss Mitzvah, and her swolled lip, are just chugging right along...