Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rednecks rednecks everywhere you turn

You know....some things you expect to see on the backroads of Kentucky......some things you may even see by those loveable rednecks in Texas.

I have to admit though, I actually wouldn't have expected to see this here in Colorado. Not that they're not trashy people up here...but you know, we're usually more concerned with recycling and hugging our trees.

But this is what I saw in front of me while driving down the road. I truly thought I was seeing things at first...but nope.

Once it hit me what it was....I REALLY wanted to get out to see if it was actually singing...

Ok, I didn't have the guys to do that....but I did get a short video with it in action...



OH! And for my foreign readers....this is Big Mouth Billy Bass. It was a ridiculous phenomenon a couple years ago and everyone wanted one. Yes, this is America, don'tcha wish you were a part? Here's a clip of it in actual action....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Last word...

Obama gave his speech to the schools today. The more I thought about the Republican's reactions throughout the day, the angrier I got. I actually wrote a couple different drafts of a blog going off about my feelings.

Instead...I'm just going to quote a comment left on my facebook by the amazingly fantastic Holly.....because she pretty much summed it up....

"If statistics are accurate 8,500 children around the world contracted HIV/AIDS today, many of which fell victim to the disease because they live a life enslaved in the sex trade.

There are an estimated 300,000 child soldiers who were forced to fight in wars around the world this afternoon.

An estimated 30,500 children under 5 died today, and many more became ill because of diseases brought on by a lack of clean water.

In El Salvador, a young child worked in the hot sun for 9 hours today producing the sugar for the soft drink I drank for dinner.

And today, our President, who we elected in a democratic style election (like it or not) spoke to our children in free public schools across the country and we have a right, as parents, to keep them from viewing that speech or to complain about it because of our right of free speech.

And the last one is what motivated conservative Christians to speak out???"

Thursday, September 3, 2009

'People of the world'...get it together

So I just HAVE to rant. And I know everyone LOVES my rants. Even if you don’t publicly admit it…I would even bet more people than not actually agree with most of my rants….but just won’t say it outloud. Mmmhhhhhhmmmm, that’s right, I’m onto you.

And I AM choosing to go off on my tangent here on my blog and not facebook…trying to keep the drama to a minimum…but of course, feel free to voice your own opinions on the comments…but it is MY blog…so I will ALWAYS have the last word… ;-)

Ok, so this is about Obama. Now, I am FAR from a fan of Obama. In fact, I don't even remotely like him. I’m sure my name has been in their stupid White House database for years…so I’m really not worried about screaming out about it now. (ya’ll did hear about that, right? That he’s trying to take away our First Amendment rights…mmhhhhmmmmm)
It TICKS me off that Christians voted him into office. Like, really really makes me angry and I want to thump them in their foreheads or something. And yes, some are close friends who I dearly, dearly love. But the man does NOT stand for the same values and morals as God does…and so to put him in charge of the country was completely idiotic and highly unbiblical on their part.

NOW…THAT BEING SAID…for goodness sakes people…really? Blah blah blah with all your fuss. One week after the elections I started seeing those “Don’t blame me, I voted for McCain” bumper stickers. Really? I think it was just another sign about how our education system is failing us. LISTEN CLOSELY- In order for that bumper sticker to make ANY sense…and ACTUALLY be witty…is only IF the President did something crazy and had the nation in an uproar. Do you not get that?
When did these first come out? I remember seeing them right after Clinton’s affair stuff. See, now THAT was an appropriate time. Also, whether you agree with the Bush war policy or not…ALSO would have been an appropriate time. Putting that sticker on your car before Obama’s boxes are even unpacked from his move to DC…is just really really REALLY stupid.

Let’s learn to be clever in our banter, shall we?

AND NOW…for the REALLY controversial side…what in the WORLD is this ridiculous uproar about him talking to the schools? Parents are all in a tizzy…yanking their kids out of schools, signing petitions, protests, etc…because our PRESIDENT has the audacity and nerve to tell our kids to work hard and stay in school?! OH! THE HORROR!!!
Seriously. Seriously??

Now, if he had picked a controversial subject…well, then ok. But Republicans and Christians are screaming out JUST to scream out. PICK. YOUR. BATTLES. PEOPLE. There are PLENTY of issues to be haters about…why don't we just try to keep ourselves from looking judgmental and idiotic as much as possible.

HOW ABOUT…we…oh, I don’t know…actually become responsible parents, and you know…I’m just gonna throw this out there…GET INVOLVED in your kids lives…teach them what to pray before they go and hear him speak....and listen YOURSELVES to what Obama says in the speech…and then sit your kid down and talk it out with them. I don't like that we're teaching children they don't have to listen to someone just because they don't like them. That's not right. I think it's MUCH more important to teach your children how to be informed, why they believe what they believe, and how to defend their stances. Shutting off the other side and putting your fingers in your ears only teaches ignorance...not wisdom.

Teaching them that they don’t have to respect the office of the President JUST because you don’t agree with him…is idiotic…and frankly, downright dangerous. If he says something highly controversial…than ABSOLUTELY protest the next talk…scream out, get billboards…whatever it takes. But wow, let’s not call the fight before the bell has even gone off.