Monday, April 27, 2009

Sarah the Fantastic

Well it’s been OVER a month- and I still haven’t told you about my two favorite birthday moments. So here’s one of them:

I had actually taken that day off of work…I didn’t have any plans…but life was crazy and I thought it was a good excuse to take a day for myself.

AND- I did CLEARLY announce this on facebook…but apparently not EVERYONE’S life revolves around my status updates (gasp!)…and my friend Sarah did NOT get the memo.

So I was on my way to have lunch w/Kris and Renee’…when I get a text from Sarah saying something about me not being at work and ruining her surprise! So, after lunch I was actually going to go test drive some cars and see if a miracle would happen (it didn’t, obviously) but I told her I would swing by her office to get the surprise.

She’s was kinda sad and disappointed that the full effect was lost…but she was a good sport anyways!

Here’s what happened….Sarah went and got me a big bouquet of balloons (funny random ones- Sesame Street, pink flamingo, etc.) and dressed up in pig tails and a cowboy hat and came skipping and bouncing into my office to surprise me!!

Well, when she asked for me, the receptionist told her I wasn’t there- but CLEARLY seemed thrown off by the whole thing! She asked Sarah (very slowly and unsure of her words) “Are you a delivery person…or…a…friend…of…Jenn’s….?” Basically- that translates to: “So are you actually PAID to dress up and do this…or are you just completely insane???”

Poor Sarah…I ruined her moment cause I wasn’t there! But when I got to her office, she did at least put the hat back on and let me take her picture!

AND- two of the balloons are still living!!! (ok, FLOATING to you technical people) Isn't that insane?? It's been like 6 weeks or something, and they're still brightening up my house! aaahhhh...

AND- I would like to take this moment to ALSO say that not only do I dearly love this crazy girl- but I'm SO incredibly proud and in awe of her!!! She just started being a foster mom!! I have so much respect for foster parents- because it's something I know I could never handle. But God is totally using Sarah to help show His love and unchanging character to these precious kids. For goodness sakes, who WOULDN'T want to go live in Sarah's world, even if just for a minute???

Now favorite moment number two will come a little later. It actually involves a background story…and a link to a new blog being started…stay tuned!

Friday, April 24, 2009


So if you've missed the LARGE amounts of celebrations on my Facebook and Twitter page...let me inform you now...


Soleil Moon Frye read my blog and is following me!!!!

And she responded to me: "Ahh thanks so much. You made my night!! My follow button is calling your name."

I'm ubberly giddy at the moment.

Course now her other devoted fans saw her reply to me...and my follower list is climbing by the minute. I may accidently reach Leslie's goal too. Sorry Leslie.
Only downside- there's even more pressure to be creatively funny...

SO- if you read the previous blog- I'm keeping to my promise and will retire the stalker job. And don't keep bothering her telling her to follow me! (but thanks for those of you that did!) we gots to work on those other twittergoals!

Punky Power!

Confessions of a Twitterholic:

OK. I’m REALLY not a Celebrity Stalker. I don’t care about autographs, pictures, etc.
For reals.

I’ve never purchased a tabloid. I hate all the gossip shows like Access, Extra, etc. I have watched occasionally- but as soon as they start delving in trying to figure out details that are far from the public’s business (details of divorce settlements, family dramas, etc.) I quickly turn the channel and refuse to be a part.
And honestly- I do LIKE to know stuff. I’m a very curious person by nature so I like to know if people are getting married or having babies- famous or not famous. I DON’T like all the drama around trying to find the info out. I believe we should just let the people make the announcements themselves when they’re ready…and just leave it at that.

But now there’s Twitter. And I’m afraid it’s messing with my brain. I signed up just to see if it was worth the hype-but purposefully was choosing to not follow “the Stars”…except for a few comedians who I find flippin hilarious and can keep me entertained throughout the day.

AND- I was blatantly refusing to follow Ashton Kutcher, basically because the rest of the world was…and I don’t usually like going with the flow. But then…he got in that whole CNN war where they tried to see which one could reach a million first…and well, I’d like to see anything associated with Ted Turner go down- and I got sucked in to the whole escapade.

WELL, as he was live on web cam getting closer and closer to the million mark…Demi’s running around behind him and talking…and for half a second- I was like- ohmygoodness- it’s Jules!!!! (St. Elmo’s Fire people- I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you know that!) AND- it did make me laugh to myself because my pic for Twitter is of the 80’s hair I was sportin’ for my St. Elmo’s Fire Birthday Bash.

But- it was just a momentary star-eyed moment. A flash in cyber space. And I was over it.

BUT THEN SUDDENLY…a friend of theirs comes over to be part of the celebration…and in bounces Soleil Moon Frye.

For goodness sakes people- PLEASE tell me you know Soleil Moon Frye…but if not…I’ll help you out…

Love her! Think she’s the cutest thing ever. And of course- found her on Twitter and started following her immediately.

THEN…a couple of days later…I don’t know WHERE the thought came from- but basically I decide that I want to figure out a way to get Soleil to follow ME on Twitter.
Now- as I’m planning this…and trying to figure out a cutesy and creative way to reveal this to her- she makes an update with a link of a story 'that made her smile':
Course, if you don’t want to go read- it’s basically Jack Gray (associated w/Anderson Cooper) telling the SAME story I just told you-of watching her with Ashton- and wanting to be her new best friend. WHATEVER!!!!!
I was SOOOOOOOO bitter! He stole my gig! Within mere hours of me coming up with it!

So I threw my cutsie appeal–reveal out the door and replied to her immediately telling her that he stole my angle and that all I wanted in life was for her to follow me.

And yet we wait.

Cause she’s still ignoring me.

And I have to admit, it hurts just a little.

So I’ve made COUNTLESS @replies to her. WAY more than I probably should be (but I have to stand out from over 2000 other people)-and I’m so afraid at any moment she’ll block me- and I’ll be devastated! I don’t think I’ll be ever be able to have anything to do with the 80’s again…and well, for goodness sakes- you know me, and know that would be the most unthinkable thing imaginable!

I tried to get her follow me when she’d be my 20th follower and I would be her 40th one to follow. I tried to convince her it was Divine Number Providence. She didn’t go for it.

I even tried writing to her upside down like this: ¡ǝɯ ʍoʃʃoɟ oʇ noʎ ʇǝƃ oʇ pɐǝɥ ʎɯ uo puɐʇs ʃʃ,I ¡ʃıǝʃos

I AM going to send her the link to this blog…so maybe THIS will work...

OK-now first off- I think all of you need to go follow her on Twitter @moonfrye and reply to her that she should follow me @jennpossible
(and nobody else better try to steal my idea and try to hog her for yourself!)

AND- if you have ANY other suggestions- please let me know!!!

Poor Soleil…if only she’d realize I’m not a creepy stalker…I’m just goal-oriented. And the moment she pushes FOLLOW- I’ll totally leave her alone and will be able to move on with my life.

And before you tell me I’m crazy- I have been ubberly inspired in my mission by @littlehann cause she somehow got Brittney Spears to follow her! Don’t tell me it can’t be done!!!

AND FYI- I’m inspiring others to have Twitter Goals and of course have bonded with those who already had goals before they knew mine…but I wanted to take a moment to give them a shout out- especially since the fabulous Leslie did so for me! It takes a village people…

Twitter Goals:

First and foremost (since it is MY blog): Operation MoonFrye!

@lesliesrich wants to have MORE people following her than she is following. Basically that means- go help the girl out and follow her (especially if you don’t know her!) but don’t be all sad, whiney, and rejected if she doesn’t follow you back!

@LexFritter wants to have Jimmy Fallon follow her

@chamandalynne wants to have Oprah follow her (we may all have to REALLY brainstorm on this one!!)

@bathanan wants Colin Firth (a.k.a. the REAL Mr. Darcy!) to follow her (even though he hasn't tweeted since November)

So does anyone else have Twitter goals???

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My God IS the Keeper of Promises

I love this day. April 21st. It’s my most favorite day ever. Even more than my birthday.


Because on April 21st, 1999- I went to Israel for the very first time.

It seems that most people develop a heart for a nation, or people group- after you’ve visited that place. But God actually stirred that love in my heart years before I actually got to go. So the desire to go was overwhelming.

So here’s what happened- as cliff-noted as I can possibly make it:

I had wanted to do a School of Intercession, Worship, and Spiritual Warfare with Youth With a Mission for years. (fyi- from here on out- it’s SOIWSW and YWAM) It’s the ONLY school I wanted to do, but since you MUST do a Discipleship Training School (DTS) before anything else…I didn’t think I’d ever go.

Well, In Nov. 1998- Holly and I find out that Paul Hawkins (who was the leader I wanted) was doing an SOIWSW in April, IN ISRAEL, and the theme was Reconciliation. (which is the specific theme of my calling-reconciliation between Christians and Jews) Um, HELLO!!! Could it BE any better? No.

EXCEPT… I had to do a DTS 1st- which is 5-6 months long. Well, we quickly researched- and saw that Tyler’s YWAM Base would be starting a DTS Jan 2nd…and Holly knew of the leaders- and knew that they had a passion for Israel…so we come up with this “great” plan: I’ll apply to both schools…and tell them ON the applications that my goal is the SOIWSW, and so basically, I would need to ONLY do the classroom part of the DTS and then skip the outreach time- and head straight to the SOIWSW. I mean really, it seemed perfect. Fast and spontaneous, but perfect.
So I went to Tyler- which is a whole story in itself- cause they told me not to come because of my finances- but I KNEW I was supposed to be there- so I went anyways. ;-) Several weeks into it, they were discussing outreaches- and Israel was brought up as a possibility. I was excited, because I thought that meant I’d get to hang out with my DTS peeps during my SOIWSW. So we were supposed to break off into the groups of where you thought you’d go on outreach- and I asked my school leader what I should do since I would not be going on outreach. Ok- so long story- but basically, somehow, no one there caught that EXTREMEMLY long explanation on my app…and had NO idea that was my plan….and that didn’t go over so great. And basically- when the SOIWSW people realized the plan- they denied my application.

I was HEARTBROKEN. I was confused, devastated, angry, etc. But basically- the moral of THAT part of the story- is that I came to realize that I WAS right where God had wanted me…but my priorities had been jacked- because I came to YWAM to get to Israel- with the added benefit of getting closer to God (the whole purpose of the DTS) when in reality- I should have come to get closer to God- with the added benefit of getting to go to Israel. So God and I dealt with it. And in His AMAZING grace- I was able to still go to Israel for outreach. AND- we were still going to join up with the Reconciliation Walk that was occurring at the time (another long story- but the Reconciliation Walk was an act of retracing the route the Crusaders took when they went to Jerusalem, and tortured and slaughtered the Jews and Muslims along the way…meetings were held, along with other stuff- to tell the people of that area that we recognized our horrific past, and apologized for what we did in the name of Jesus)

OK, so then the financial part. I already said I didn’t have the money for the school, but went anyways. And I could tell story after story about financial miracles coming in and my school getting paid for.

Well, this was also a time of life when I was NOT secure in hearing the voice of God (especially with the crazy debacle of the SOIWSW plan) and so getting my faith to the point of knowing God would provide the finances for Israel was VERY hard. God kept telling me that He would provide the money, and that He was the Keeper of Promises… but I struggled to hold on to that concept.
Finally- about a week before our 2 week stateside outreach was happening (and then the foreign outreaches would happen a week after that) God did some amazing stuff in my life- and I was FINALLY secure in the fact that I knew that I knew that I KNEW that He was going to provide the money for the outreach. (I still didn’t have a penny for it!)
The next 3 weeks, I stood FIRM. Never waivered for a minute. There were 3 other people on the Israel team that didn’t have their money either- and I knew God would provide for them too. Also- there was a team going to the Philippines and several of them didn’t have money either.
Well, the day came when our team was flying out- and we STILL didn’t have the money. But I was still COMPLETELY convinced that a miracle would happen and we’d be going. So we said goodbye to our team and they were taken to Dallas to fly out.
Now, the rest of us were down at the SST summer cabins on the base. A YWAM base, in itself, is a little bit bubble-like, you have NO idea what’s occurring in the outside world when your there. BUT- the SST cabins are so secluded- that it’s like you’re in a bubble within a bubble….so you don’t even know what’s happening on the base itself. And those of us who were left just stayed there at the cabins.

SOOOOOOOO….Jimmy (one of the leaders) eventually comes back down to the cabins after getting back from Dallas- and calls us all over for a meeting. (so there’s about 8-9 altogether, I think, that don’t have money for their outreaches yet) He started telling us that on his way to Dallas, his cell rings- and someone asked- “Hey, Does so-and-so have his money for the Philippines?” And Jimmy told them that he didn’t yet and the person on the phone said they were going to pay for it. Of course we all go CRAZY and scream and yell and jump up and down. THEN Jimmy said “About 10 minutes later, I received another call” …and another person offered to pay for someone else’s trip. THEN Jimmy receive ANOTHER CALL…and they asked- “Does Jenn Beamer have her money yet?”
…Honestly, I don’t remember what Jimmy said- I DO remember, Bonnie, who was one of my closest friends there, was standing beside me the whole time holding my hand, and before I could even register what just happened, there was blood curling screams in my ear and my arm was almost pulled out its socket from her jumping…and I was suddenly attacked with arms all around me from people hugging, screaming and jumping.
I was in SUCH shock. I really couldn’t comprehend it all for the longest time. I just sat down in the dirt for the next 15 minutes trying to take it all in. So completely amazingly incredible.

OH- and basically- the story is, by the time Jimmy drove to DWF from Tyler and back, he received calls and sponsors for EVERY ONE OF US who didn’t have the money for outreach. And we were the FIRST school in Tyler’s HISTORY that had everyone’s schools completely paid, and got to go on FOREIGN outreach!!!!
So, I went up to walk around the rest of the base and call my parents- people were cheering and yelling at me the whole time- cause they had all heard the news hours before. (and because everyone on base knew my passion for Israel-I think people were extra attached to me and overly excited about the news) I mean REALLY excited…people I barely knew were jumping out of cars to stop and hug me. AND- when I went to call my family- THEY all had already heard about it before I did- because they called to check on me- and even the girl at the switchboard (I think it was Desiree!) had heard the news and screamed at them with excitement when they called…..BUT- SOMEHOW the news never reached down to the cabins where I was ACTUALLY at! CRAZY!!!!

So we all packed up…went to Dallas to spend the night, and flew out next day to meet up with our teams in Israel. Utterly amazing. My God is SO good.

I forgot to bring my pics to scan in…so I will come back and add them tomorrow!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Drama Part Deux

OK. So here’s the insanity update of my life…

My car IS actually still drivable. So that’s a way PRAISE GOD.

Apparently when hitting the curb, it blew a hole in the tire and forced it backwards off the rim, causing it to look MUCH worse than it was.

So this morning, after a few stressful meltdowns…I put on my make-up, cute earrings, and my pink converse…and headed out to face my tire and see if I could, in fact, get the spare on and get it to Discount.

Of course, just before I have to crawl under the car to get it up on the jack, a very nice Asian Businessman with a cigarette stopped to help me. (I don’t know why I found that part so humorous-but I did)

I’m pretty sure it was the pink converse that helped me look like a damsel-in-distress.

So I make it to Discount…and they tell me that both front tires need to be replaced. But of course, if you have followed my blog for a while- you’ll know that I went through crazy tire stories not that long ago…SOOOOOoooo- the tires were still under warranty, and they were replacing them for $11 each.

I know $22 doesn’t sound like a big deal….but I just kept thinking- This is insane- I’m spending money and putting on brand new tires on a ghetto car that I should have been done with months ago. I was talking to Holly on the phone and laughing/lamenting about this very point…and she started joking that for $20 it was worth it, but that she’d question $30. This, then turns into a 5 minute routine about the whole 20-30 concept.

Well, just as I thought they were finishing, they call me out to show me something. They were rotating the tires, and was installing the last one, when they noticed that I had a THIRD tire with a large gash in it. Now my first thought is- WHAT in the WORLD is happening with my tires?? It’s like I go off-roading or something- it’s absolutely unfathomable why this keeps happening I tell you.
I then start questioning him on whether or not I TRULY have to replace it…and he convinces me I do or it could blow out at any moment. So NOW I’m replacing THREE tires on my sad, need to sell for junk, car. AND- suddenly the comical routine Holly and I just had, didn’t seem so funny.

So, after investing $30 in 3 brand new tires…I was able to drive away…with the comfort that none of my tires should spontaneously combust causing anymore problems.

OH! Ok, BUT….also within the drama of the day… yesterday when I thought all was lost…I also had to go pay my rent. Well, I have a garage- that I got just for the winter, and am hoping to be able to give it up soon. But it’s been SUCH a blessing ever since my wreck, because I can protect my car since the engine is exposed. Well, it didn’t make sense yesterday to keep the garage, if I was junking my car…so when I paid my rent- I gave up the garage and turned in the opener. It all made sense at the time, mostly because I don’t handle high pressure decisions, and can’t think straight…AND I was thankful, because the cost of the garage was the cost of the tow…so I thought all was well.
Random side note- my friend at work helped me work out the tow- cause that process also shut me down- I REALLY can’t handle details under stress. Anyways…she had a friend of a friend who came and took care of me…and you just got to love making out the check to Spirit Towing…with a driver that has Jesus is Lord on his windows.

Well- last night with the realization that the rim might not be damaged- put me in another stressful tailspin- because that meant I needed my garage- especially since we have another blizzard coming through tonight. And garages are HOT commodities here, with a long waiting list-so there was a good chance it was given away within 5 minutes of me giving it up.
So I left a long stressful babbling message for my apartment office, begging them not to give it away….and then I left a long stressful babbling message for work explaining that I had to take care of my car before the snow and I didn’t know when I’d be in… people have to think I’m a MESS!!!! (Which I would like to take a moment to point out: I DO actually handle stress well. You’d be SHOCKED at the amount I can actually walk through before hitting meltdown status…and I’ve been under some large amounts of stress for several months. But, when I hit my capacity, I REALLY hit it….)

Ok, but back to the garage, God’s amazing mercy prevailed- and after my tire was changed, I walked into the apartment office- and she just laughed at me and handed me my opener. So my car is tucked safely away from our ridiculous Spring-Winter elements.

I do think the extra hit DID cause more trauma…cause it’s sounding even worse…BUT, I am thankful that I have at least a little more time to figure out the plan. Which is good- because just trying to find rides for ONE day about put me over the edge- I HATE being in that position. Hate….and would really choose just to never leave my house.

So now I’m praying that these little miracles….turn into a really GINORMOUS miracle!! I AM God’s favorite after all…