Friday, May 29, 2009

Shavuot and Cheesecake

What is today people???

Today- is Shavuot!!!

What is Shavuot???

Well, let me tell you….

It happens 50 days after Passover. It marks the day that Moses went up to Mt. Sinai and received the 10 Commandments and the Torah!!! Hello people- THIS day in history…thousands of years ago- God started giving us the answers as to how to live our lives. Amazing.

AND….Jewish Tradition says….that when Moses was on the mountain and the presence of God came down…there was wind and fire…and Moses spoke in different languages- representing all the languages here on the earth.

And traditionally, it’s celebrated by staying up all night to study the Torah. Sorta, because, to make up for the Israelites at the bottom of the mountain who weren’t really doing what they were supposed to be doing while God and Moses were having their moment up at the top.

So fast forward a couple thousand years….Jesus died, rose and ascended to heaven. The disciples got together…in an upper room…to celebrate Shavuot and stay up praying and studying the Torah. Ya, that’s right…it wasn’t a random meeting people!! Suddenly….there was wind….and fire…..and lots of speaking in other languages. WOW. Hello! NOT only is today the day God says- Here is my Word….this is also the day the Holy Spirit first manifests and is active on the earth. AWESOMELY AMAZING!

And SOMEHOW…after celebrating this for 10 years…I only TODAY learn (because of Twitter! Hahaha!) that we are supposed to be celebrating it by eating lots of dairy…and CHEESECAKE! I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this excuse…er...I mean...this opportunity to eat Cheesecake!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hmmmmm...possible Summer goal????

So I was looking up a verse on this morning (one of my most fav sites, fyi!) and they were advertising a new dealie-bob for the summer:
Read the entire Bible in 90 days!!

I think maybe I'm going to attempt it! Sounds a little crazy and overwhelming...but also a really fun challenge that could possibly hold my short-term-goal-attention-deficient-disorder.

It's going to start June 1st...come on people! Who wants to join in with me??? For reals!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Admit it, ya'll have all been waiting for this post...

So I’m not TRYING to be controversial… I just find it hysterical that it’s SUCH a debate.

Why in the WORLD does it matter if Lubbock becomes a Wet county instead of Dry??
(no, that is not an open invitation for debate…) Blah blah blah with the facts….I think we can safely say there’s equal facts and counter-facts on each side. Honestly, I could actually care less if it’s Wet or Dry.

MY ISSUE: Is for goodness sakes- CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES CHURCH! And I find this particular battle at the very low end of the Importance Scale.

How about the skyrocketed teen pregnancy rates? The overwhelming statistics of STD’S? Hmmmm… What about the homeless? Or the children living in poverty on the East Side who don’t have running water in their house, and their only meal is what they get if they can figure out how to get to school that day?? Now see….THOSE are the battles I think the Church should fight for in Lubbock…or at the very least- put their money towards.

And it KILLS me… (ok, makes me laugh, for my literalist friends) that it’s made national CNN news AND now even World news! The UK is even reporting on this debate!

By far my favorite lines from these are: “When Prohibition was lifted way back in 1933, Texas was a little slow to catch on.” hahahahaha!!

Here are the links:




Now…The following is a Small Rant by Jenn, in which I’m sure will tick most of you off, so if you’re easily offended- I’d leave this site immediately…or skip down where it says Rant is over...

Fair warning.

I find the issue of not being able to drink alcohol if your a Christian absolutely ridiculous…and completely fueled by a Religious Spirit. Fact: Jesus drank. Fact: He even MADE alcohol. Fact: The Bible NEVER states it is wrong to drink- only that it is wrong to abuse it.
I find it disgusting that the Church has made this an issue and judges people who happen to buy a margarita when they have dinner. I am thankful that many Christians in the Bible Belt are slowly starting to realize this craziness and is no longer being driven by this insane mindset.

I find it appalling however, that instead of taking a stand in these new revelations- we have instead become closet-drinkers…and justify that it’s ok to drink in our homes (or when we're travelling outside of the city)…but just don’t do it in public for fear of offending someone.
Those offended are those with a judgmental mindset. Why should I appease them? Why should we perpetuate the Religious Stronghold?Of course, the argument of “What if an alcoholic sees you drinking-and that could cause them to stumble”. Maybe. Or- You can tell them they have to take responsibility for their poor choices, but that has nothing to do with you, who can drink and not abuse it. How about grow up?

Should we suddenly stop eating dessert in public for fear that a diabetic might see us and suddenly want to eat themselves into a coma?

Now, should you buy and eat a piece of cake in front of the diabetic? No.
Should you order a glass of wine when you’re at dinner with an alcoholic? Of course not, that would be rude, and downright mean.
There’s no extreme here people. Just. common. sense.

Rant is over.

Hmmmm….I was going to try to think of a funny statement for the entertainment of the people who may have purposefully skipped down to this part. But ummmmm….I can’t think of one. Hmmmmmm…maybe just- This rounds on me….!