Thursday, July 30, 2009

Character Catch-Up

APPARENTLY...I'm just a big ole tease...

And you people are either to nice to point that out...or, depressingly, not aware of it cause your really not paying that close of attention...or don't actually care. *sigh*

I was looking back at some of my older posts earlier...and realized that I constantly announce that I'm gonna talk about something soon...and then never do. I'm thinking that can't say much for my character.

So, I'm making an announcement...a promise....a declaration, even... I declare August to be catch-up month...and I'm going to look back and talk about all the things I promised too...cause I don't want to be known as a lazy liar. Plus I also have pics on my phone and camera of random things I've seen and wanted to post. But....obviously haven't.

And if you fell into the latter categories of the aformentioned above statements about not caring...well, can just.....well, I'll tell you that later....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Am I Where?

So I decided to steal the ubber lovely Paige Allen’s blog format…cause, well, that’s what we do here on the internet. At least I’m giving her credit for it…this time. But my head’s been a-swimming with stuff…and I thought this might help to start untangling it…So, without further ado, I give you…

Jenn’s version of Where I Am- July 2009:

Where I am currently: Of course I’m snuggled up in my new chair…listening to it thunder and rain outside. It’s been thundering a lot lately, which I’m pretty convinced is because God loves me so. I GREATLY miss the crazy house-shaking thunder of West Texas…and it seems to me, that the last several months I’ve heard more thunder than ever before here in the Springs. I’d ALSO like to point out that somehow the random angle of life produces a ginormous rainbow outside my apartment window ALL the time. Love it.

What I’m listening to: Kim Walker just came out with a new cd- Consumed. Love love love. Are you people listening to Kim? Cause if you’re not, you’re crazy missing out. Run immediately and get it. (or you know, stay right where your at and get it off the internet)
I’m also in love with Cory Asbury’s latest single My Beloved. I’m for reals people- go get it NOW. Now! Well, ok, after you finish reading my completely important blog…

What I’m reading: Absolutely nothing. Praise the Lord, oh my soul! I was in crazy book cram world for several months and I’m on a much needed hiatus. I DID sit down one evening a couple weeks ago and read 'Night' by Elie Wiesel. Amazing, but sadly tragic. It’s his story of being in a Concentration Camp. I found out recently that the original title in his own language actually translates to: “And the World Was Silent” Ummmm ya. I won’t even BEGIN to go off on that tangent.
I’m about to start reading again this week I think- and I’m starting with Standing With Israel by David Brog. I’m currently fascinated by that man…and am trying to figure out a way to go work with him… (suggestions are welcome)

Memorable Moments: Well, I’ve debated forever about whether or not I was going to blog about my latest trip. And I’ve decided I will share about parts of it in the next few weeks. And I’ll explain why I’ve been pondering about sharing or not… I will say this- It was a great great trip. Really hard and exhausting. But completely amazing. I so heart God.

Just Coincidental?: I didn't keep up with Twitter much while I was on my trip...and was worried how my bff Soleil would handle me being gone so long. Apparently, she ALSO was away from Twitter because of a trip the same time I was. Now, am I saying we went on vacation together? Of course not.
Or did we...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jenn+Soleil+Molly= Forever Besties

Words just cannot express how my heart feels.

I mean, I thought my life was pretty much complete when Soleil Moon Frye and I became bff’s. (ok, maybe, slightly, possibly, a tiny exaggeration- but still )

And I’m pretty sure that because Soleil and Demi Moore are ACTUAL besties, she’s certainly mentioned me once or twice to the lovely Jules herself. I’m SURE they’ve had conversations about my fabulousness…and I’m SURE Soleil’s even shown Demi my Twitter pic and told her about my St. Elmo’s birthday. And I’m pretty much sure Demi and I are close to becoming good friends.

But, I mean, WOW. Now this?

Truly, truly touched.

The amazing iconic 80’s girl herself, Molly Ringwald just gave birth to twins- a boy and a girl.

And she actually named the girl after me!

Can you believe it???

My little namesake- sweet, precious Adele Georgiana.

Did you people know that Adele was my middle name? Cause even Molly knew that, what kind of friend are you?

I’ve long given up trying to get people to name their children Jennifer, after me. For goodness sakes, we don’t need any more of those in the world! So, instead, I try to convince people to name their girls Adele. And apparently Molly listened.

I heart you Molly. I really do. And if I ever have a little girl- I’m SO totally returning the gesture and naming her Molly Moon …after my 2 new bff’s.