Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tat Talk With Jenn...the Sequel

So I just don't get those people who can just walk into a tattoo shop and randomly pick something out and immediately get inked. I know they exist. I know them personally. But I just can’t do that.

I’ve been wanting just a simple little flower on my foot. Nothing that fancy really…just cute and simple. But I still wasn’t completely sure where God stood on the whole tattoo thing so I wasn’t really making any specific plans. Then several months ago on the way to work I felt like God just popped this picture in my head of what it was supposed to look like- and it wasn’t just a flower with swirlies…but it actually said the word Truth. (I honestly can’t remember if this came before or after all my Truth posts...but I think after) The picture was so clear…and it really threw me off...cause I hadn't thought about tattoos in a while. I also felt like God was saying I should do it soon. So I’m pondering this whole thing in my head as I walked into work and turned on my computer. I eventually made it over to twitter…and there was a message waiting for me from one of the many Sarah’s in my life. She told me that the first 50 people who followed her tattoo shop would get a free $50 tattoo! The whole thing completely freaked me out…since I already had ink on the brain that morning. So of course I immediately followed them. And so did several of my other friends…who will remain nameless. (they can out themselves)…but my sister and bff were among them.

Once the reality sunk in...I started really thinking about it. I knew I wanted several elements to it. Not just the word Truth. And I didn’t want all the symbols obvious…but very subtle. (they are actually a little more obvious than I had originally planned…but I’m ok with it) So I went to another friend Sarah who is an amazing artist…and told her what I wanted, but that I wasn’t sure how to fit everything in…and she started drawing things up for me. I was SOOO worried that I could put her over the edge at any moment cause I kept changing things over and over and over. But she was fantastic…and listened to everything I said. I would keep the pictures on my desk in front of my computer so I could stare at them all day and think about how I’d feel if it was forever on my foot.

I love the final product. Love love love. The tattoo says Truth, very plainly. It also says Spirit. (not in order-cause I didn’t need it obvious) I wanted both words because of John 4 where it talks about worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth. There’s also a sword and a tiara…(cause those are part of my core identity in God) and a moon (God created it cause He loves me, so it's my most favorite thing in the universe )…and 5 flower petals…cause the number 5 represents Grace…and I’m going to go back and change the blue to a deeper sapphire color…cause sapphire reminds me of the Throne Room of God. (there’s actually a story to the flower…I’ll tell that later)

So there you have it. Pretty much everything I’d ever want…rolled into one tattoo. Cause no, I’m not going to be addicted and get more. (already done prayed through that) ;-)

Here’s some of the drafts…
(these don't have Spirit in it)

Here’s the almost final one (the tattoo artist actually moved the tiara for me cause it was still a little too obvious)

And here it is on my foot… (right after it was done...)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Journey of a 1000 tattoos

OK, So I gots to talk about the tat! And since there’s so much to discuss…I think I’ll break it up into several different posts…so get ready for Tat Talk with Jenn.

For those who live under a rock…I got a tattoo! It’s on my right foot. And I LOVE it. Love it love it love it.

Now for those saying “What? Jenn Possible, lover of the Law, got a tattoo?? That’s highly anti-Deuternomical!” …just know that will be discussed in a later post…so just stay with me.

Ok, I must say that the following post is not meant to offend anyone, (no really, it’s not!) …this is just all about ME and how MY tastes have changed over the years…so if anyone has these tattoos that I’m about to discuss…and you love it…well, then embrace it. Don’t be ashamed…I’m not hatin…

I’ve become a very different girl over the last 20 yrs. I’m sure everyone does, really. My tastes have DRASTICALLY changed in life…and I’m quite thankful for it. And so I’m just really happy I waited till now to get one.

So here’s the journey of my Thank-God-I-Never-Got-These-Tats:

When I first decided I wanted one…it was the late 80s early 90s. IF I had promptly gone to get one on my 18th bday, like I always said I would…guess what I would have had. Mmmhhhhhmmm…I’d be sitting here hiding the proverbial 'rose on my ankle' tattoo…most probably with scrunchy socks. I am so so SO thankful I did not get one at the crazy age of 18.

Then, about a year or so later…my bff had just had a little girl. We decorated her nursery in Winnie the Pooh. Disney stuff was everywhere back then…and the store in the mall had JUST opened up…and we were all hyped up on Disney paraphernalia…and yet thinking we were SO grown up cause there was a baby involved. Well…my friend already had a tattoo that she had gotten at some ridiculous age, like 16 or something…and yep, it was a rose. But it was on her back shoulder blade and not on her ankle. (I was SO jealous! Gah- it was great.) She wanted another one…and well, I think I was still in my rose-on-ankle was all about getting one too…so we went down to a tattoo place. As we were looking at stuff…we found several Disney characters….and somehow came up with the BRIGHT idea of me getting Winnie the Pooh on my ankle…and she’d get Tigger. Ohdearlord. I wanted to think about it cause I’m not a spontaneous-get-a-permanent-marking kind of girl…so she got a different one that day…and Praise the Lord, oh my soul, that I am not sitting here with a Pooh tattoo on my ankle. OOOORRR…a Pooh holding a rose on my ankle. Oy!

AND THEN…came the phase during the time when I first started studying all the Jewish roots stuff. I decided I wanted a tattoo of a Star of David (on my ankle of course)…but I wanted two of the lines to look braided- the one that went across the top, and the one on the left that came down…so it formed a hidden cross. I even asked a friend to draw it up. And actually…as he was doing it God gave him this huge prophetic picture that he drew that involved a hand, the star, and a map of the nation. It’s very amazing…and I still have it. Course, I couldn’t get that whole thing tattooed…and while I was still making plans with him to do the actual tattoo drawing…God suddenly sent me to YWAM.

Now, ACTUALLY…if I had gone with that tattoo…I wouldn’t be sad or ashamed of it. BUT…for reasons I can neither confirm not deny in such a public setting…I’m glad I didn’t get it.

Sooooooooooooo…that is my Thankfulness Journey. And now, I wanna know if YOU have regrettable tat stories! Ones you either DID get…or ones that you are thankful that you didn’t!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Resolved Resolutions

It’s 2010.

20.10. people.

Does that freak you out as much as it does me? I’m sure it does.

Personally, I am dang glad 2009 is over. It was not the greatest year for me. I’ve had much worse…but it was definitely a hard year for me. And it’s not really even something I can specifically pinpoint. In some ways it held great accomplishments. I finished my Bible Program last year. (the reason I moved here to the Springs) And I’m not going to go into it...but trust me…that in itself is an accomplishment far beyond comprehension.
I don’t know really…I think it mainly boils down to the fact that I sorta ‘entered the wilderness’ last year in several different ways. God has given me step by step direction for my life for the last 10 years when He shifted me onto a new path. Even in the times of just waiting- He graciously told me how long I would be waiting. People would ask me what it is I’m gonna do after my program was finished…and I would have no idea…but it wasn’t something I would ever worry about at all. I just assumed by the time it was over, God would reveal the next step. But He didn’t. He hasn’t. He’s not really saying anything to me. And I seem to be just hanging out wondering what’s next.

2009 was also a year of several answers to promises from God…but it was also a year that held several non-answers to promises. (ones that I felt were specifically going to be answered) So with that comes disappointment and confusion...and the age-old battle of really wondering if you’re hearing from God right or even hearing at all. It’s not that I feel separated from God really…but He just isn’t really talking very much at the moment. And I get that this is just part of your walk with Him…the whole hide-and-seek dance…but it’s really not the most pleasant place to be in. I still feel safe and secure…but there seems to be a distance... that I hope goes away very very soon.

So, I was glad to close the 2009 chapter. And I’m excited about what adventures 2010 holds. And I know everyone says that they hate “New Year’s Resolutions”. I think there are bad connotations because people tend to break their NYR…so instead we like to talk in vague terms of goals for the next season. I was actually one of those people who didn’t like to have NYR. But this year I came to the conclusion that I’m all about it.

I think, for the most part, people like the concept of having a set moment to be able to start fresh. I mean, who starts diets on a Thursday? We like Monday goals. First of the months, etc. etc. I personally like the fact that I can feel like I’m getting a fresh start in January AND in September when the Jewish New Year starts. (ha!-I need all I can get!) So this year I decided to just go ahead and call it what it is and set specific New Year’s Resolutions for myself. In fact I looked up the word Resolution and loved the definitions. My two favorites were: finding a solution to a problem OR a decision to do something or to behave in a certain manner. That’s exactly what I’m doing. I’ve made a decision to do something and find solutions to my problems. I think that’s freakin fabulous.

Course, I’m not going to share most of them with you. Ha! But, I am going to be purposeful and write them down. Ok, so that is actually one of my resolutions-getting my stuff down in specific writing- goals/calling/vision/mission statement/etc. But I’m not ready to share most of my resolutions with the world just yet.

OK, I'll share one more…Organization is at the tip-top of my list. I’ve worked hard to submit my personality to the Cross and to the truth of the New Birth…and this is the one frontier that has yet to be conquered. Over the last several months I’ve been really watching people who are organized and OCD and praying that God will impart those traits to me. Don’t laugh…it’s how I’ve done everything else in regards to balancing my personality…and it works. Usually I stay as far away as possible from them…and perhaps mock them openly sometimes. I’ve never understood those people. Course, I totally have my own OCD moments…and I cherish my OCDness actually…BUT…I am bound and determined that this is going to be the year that I become one of those functional organized clean-freak crazy people!
Hmmmm….maybe I should go buy one of those label makers as a declaration. Course…at this moment of my life I have nothing to put those labels on. I’m pretty sure labeling just large multiple piles of paper and craziness isn’t productive.
Oy vey...who's coming over to help????