Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One Characteristic....revisted

Hmmmm…I guess if you open up the communication a little bit…suddenly more wants to come pouring out. But trust me...the floodgate is still tightly closed…even if I do just let a momentary trickle out…

At the beginning of the year, I wrote a post about choosing one characteristic of God to concentrate on for the whole year.

My word was Portion. Honestly…I didn’t fully study my word like I had planned too. I’ve held onto the word itself, but there is a deeper aspect I know I have yet to grasp. I researched it for a moment…realized it was a bigger concept than I had ever thought…and continually put off the study as the year snuck by. And now it’s November, and in the last several months, it has become even more evident as to why God told me that Portion was my word for 2010…but I know there is more. More He wants to share...more He wants me to know...a lifelong principle He wants me to be able to firmly stand on.
So with only 2 months left...I will press in, not letting it be stolen, not forgetting, putting off, or allowing the treasure to slip through my fingers.

Do you remember your word? Were there new revelations, new principles, new truths that you found for your life? Or has it slipped by? Is your promise being stolen?

My prayer for that in these last two months...the characteristic that God gave you becomes more evident...more real...that it brings an answer to a question in your heart...and most importantly, brings you closer and more intimate with your Creator.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Momma always said....

Sorry for the long silence.

My mind has been heart has been emotions have been excessive.

I have lots to say....but for a little longer, I'll remain silent.

...cause like my Momma always said..."If you can't say something nice... then don't say nothing at all"....