Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Standing Secure.

I swear all I do is apologize for the long gap in writing. And then promise to do better. *sigh*

But really, this time...I have a good excuse. Life got crazy.
Insane. Overwhelmingly....unfunctionally crazy.

I don't want to go into too many details...but in October, I packed for a quick weekend trip and headed to Texas. Before getting there, life exploded....and 40 days later....I finally returned to Colorado. I dealt with massive heart attacks and almost losing my Grandma, emergency trip to Kansas, court cases, parents hospitalized for pneumonia, house restorations, secret alcoholism recurrence exposed, suicide attempt, military deployment, and so much much more that I can't even emotions were put on a roller coaster and ran through a ringer.

So, for once...I don't feel completely guilty for my silence here. And hopefully soon I will finish the multiple blogs I already have started and get them posted soon.

But for now, I'm resting...and avoiding as much people-interaction as possible, in reality and cyberly.
I'm ok, for the most part....but the best word I can use to describe what I'm feeling right now, is raw. Very, very raw.

But this I know....

That my feelings...and my circumstances....are extremely real.
But they are not Truth.

My God is Truth.
His unchanging character is Truth.

And that is the promise on what which I stand secure.

(This is the song that got me through, kept my focus on what was True, and kept me from drowning.)