Saturday, January 15, 2011

Worthship ........... (part 1)

We were created to worship.

And our Uncreated Creator is worthy of our worship.

He alone is worthy of our worship.

Worship does so many is a powerful brings healing to your spirit and creates unity in the breaks down brings an answer to the questions in your heart...and even wins battles. (2 Chronicles 20) The list of the importance of worship is almost endless. And most importantly...worshiping God gets our eyes, our focus, off ourselves and puts it where it belongs…on God.

Because He is worthy.

When it comes to worshiping, the circumstances of our lives don’t matter. Our emotional state…whether or not we feel like it at the time...doesn’t matter. Our opinion on the style of the music that's playing doesn’t matter. If we’re bored because it seems to be going to long…that’s our problem.

Because He is worthy of our undyingunadulteratedunabashed worship.

And worship needs to be top priority of our life.

David got this. The Psalms are ALL about worship. He understood this so much, that even when he was in the depths of despair, and the Psalm would start off with a ‘woe is me’ attitude…by the end, his focus would change… he would stop his lamenting (and hello! he had some serious issues being hunted down)...and he would glorify God. He would get his eyes off himself, off his problems…and put them on his Beloved, where they belonged…and praise would pour out of his heart.

John got this. John SAW this. I could talk about John and his example for hours...because he. got. this. The book of Revelations gets a bad wrap most of the time. It seems scary or impossible to understand because of the crazy imagery and end-time prophecies. But…here's the deal…Revelations is a book of WORSHIP. Go look at it again. See it from a perspective of worship, and you'll never look at that book the same way again. It reveals scene after scene of the Throne Room. John has a glimpse of the 24/7 worship that is happening around the throne...over and over again. Specifically, Revelations 4 is probably my most favorite chapter in the entire Bible. I’ve read it countless times. If you don’t know how...or where to begin in worship…or if you have a hard time focusing…just open up to Rev 4. Put yourself in John's shoes...picture the throne room…imagine seeing the 24 elders and Living Beings in constant worship….and you can’t help but want to join in with them. Hanging out in Rev 4 will shift the entire paradigm of your life.

Worship should be your lifestyle....not just a 30 minute music set on Sunday mornings. That doesn’t mean you have to have worship music playing 24/7. It doesn’t mean you have to walk around like a monk humming or chanting all the time. It just means that you purpose in your heart to glorify the Sovereign One.......To pay attention to what is around you...His creation...the nature...the people...and letting it point your gaze towards heaven to the one who made those things........To be certain the rocks don’t have to cry out because you are neglecting the very thing you were created to do....

And that is to worship.

Because "the end of all being is NOT the happiness of man. The end of all being…is to bring glory to God." (Kip Gaines)

So purpose in your heart to make worship a priority. Learn how to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord. (Psalms 27) Make God your Magnificent Obsession.

Because He is worthy.

**I stole the title of my blog from the title of a sermon by my pretty-much-pure-genius-friend Paul Nunn...and he apparently stole it from one of his friends…who possibly stole it from somewhere else. (Fyi, Paul is part of the band Two of Twelve and EVERYone should own this cd…for multiple reasons, but mainly because they are truly fantasmic...AND they truly get the importance of worshiping our Creator)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

an appreciation of words

I Love Words. I even love decorating with words. Words have power. Words give expression and significance. Words declare life or death.

And I think, especially with the English language…we often forget the importance of our words.

I’m telling you…just start carrying a small dictionary around with you (I look up words on the internet too…but for some reason I like the definitions more in my dictionary)…look up the words you use everyday…and you will be stunned to see and grasp their full meaning. Just doing this in your quiet time with God will completely revolutionize those moments. Look up the “average” words in the verses you're reading…look up the words you hear God whispering to you. I promise, a whole new world will open up to you.

I started doing this several years ago. I was mostly just looking up words during my quiet times and I loved the new revelations that would unfold. Then, one day, a friend of mine sent me an email telling me that God has really placed me on her heart that day and she had been praying for me. She said- “God wants you to know that He really appreciates you, Jenn.” I thought the email was precious…everyone loves the reminder that God sees you. But, I’m not going to lie…I thought…appreciate? Really, God…that’s the best you can do? Appreciate seemed so hum-drum…so…average. Deep inside I was disappointed He didn’t say something more…something about being His beloved…the apple of His eye…you know…something with a little more flair.

Later that day she wrote me again. She said…“I don’t know what’s going on…but I can’t stop thinking about you. God just wants to tell you again…that He REALLY appreciates you.”

Well…ok, I’m highly dense at times…but I was getting the picture that I was obviously missing something. So I went home and immediately grabbed my dictionary and looked up the word Appreciate.

And the definition said this… “to know and recognize the full value of”.

God was telling me that He saw the full value of who I was. 

I can’t even begin to explain how much I needed to hear that.

And I’ve never used the word appreciate in the same way since.

So…it’s January. New year…new season…new beginning. And for those paying attention…last year we started my most favorite concept EVER.

It was based on the My One Word campaign…Which I also love…and think everyone should do this. But then we took it a step further. Don’t just find a word to define your year…more importantly…find a characteristic…an aspect of God that He wants to reveal to you in 2011.

My one word for 2011 is this: Purpose. (ok…actually…God gave me 3 words…Purpose…Focus…Devotion)

And here’s the weirdness. I loved my characteristic last year…and was really excited to see what God had in mind for this next year. So I started praying in December…and guess what…

It’s not changing. There’s something more He apparently wants to reveal…and I love it! (well...after talking to Him LOTS about it cause I wasn’t too excited in the beginning)

So my characteristic of God remains this: Portion.

I LOVED knowing the words God gave others last year…and seeing how significant they were to their lives throughout the year. And I can’t wait to see what unfolds this year. So make sure you leave a comment and let me know...even if you have to think and pray a while and get back to me.

(Wanna great resource of a list of God's names/characteristics/attributes?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Raindrops on roses....

Hellllloooo 2011…it’s so nice to see you.
I think.

Before I can focus on the new year…I decided to have one last recap of last year…just a few highlights of some favorites moments of 2010...

Favorite Reunion- My bff FINALLY moved to CO! This was YEARS in the hopeful-maybe-planning and then took months and months in the ok-it’s-gonna-happen-practical-planning. But she finally drove her u-haul into the the literal exact moment a snow storm hit. She then only made it half way through town before getting stuck and needing rescued…and the adventures haven’t stopped. I’m SOOO happy she’s here…and I’ve now diligently turned my efforts to the next person on my list that needs to relocate… (mu-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!)

Favorite book I read: OK…this is controversial (surprise!)…but I’m announcing it anyways. My friend from Down Under gave me Miracle Workers, Reformers, and the New Mystics by John Crowder…and I LOVE LOVE LOVE-D this book. I read it BEFORE I saw any controversy…so my opinion was not influenced by that. (maybe yours shouldn’t be either) I will say, that there were definitely parts that I thought the author was crazy…and would be reading it with the skeptical look out of the corner of my eyes, holding it at arms length away from me. BUT…there were also parts that were so unbelievably amazing…and so right on…that I wanted to stand up on chairs and shout it out to everyone walking by. I thought it was fabulous…challenging…and extremely inspiring.

Favorite day of the week- Tuesday’s. Still. If you don’t know why…you obviously pay no attention to me. Ever. Selah Tuesdays is still by far my most favoritest thing in the world. A group joined together by prayer, fasting, and seeking the heart of God. A safe place to connect with God and step out in the gifts He has put inside us. I could list dozens and dozens of favorite moments from these nights alone. And I hope there will still be many more to come…

Favorite visit from an Australian clown- I should have written posts and posts about Belinda’s visit…but I’m such a slacker. B was on the staff of my YWAM school in Norway back in the day...and with the fabulousness of the internet, we’ve stayed in touch over the years. 
I loved traveling with her along the top of the world during Outreach. (this is a pic of us (and Chuck, the traveling duck) at the North Cape…a.k.a- The Ends of the Earth...I'm pretty sure this pic was taken close to midnight) She has THE greatest sense of adventure of anyone I’ve ever known…along with a generous giving Spirit…fantastic sense of humor…and a very tender heart toward God.
PLUS, she can keep me me informed how any given day is going...since she starts it so many hours before us. I like to be prepared for what's coming, you know.
AAANNND…she really WAS part of an Australian circus…so it is never a dull moment. You just never know what item around you is going to be suddenly balanced on her chin! My bff’s son was MES-MOR-IZED by her tricks and is still practicing with the juggling balls she taught him to make. 

Favorite new secular music-  Adele. And not just because we share a name...which we do. But I overwhelmingly LOOOOOVE her voice. Love love love.
Just sayin.

Favorite 'Bizarro World' week- So this is kinda hard to adequately explain without mass amounts of details…but in August/September there was a week or so of people from my past popping up…and ones that I finally met after YEARS of being told I needed to know them. And not just random connections…but like, people who have had (or could have) a significant impact on my life. I was sure I was being set up for a This is Your Life! reality show. And I’m still trying to figure out what it’s all about…

Favorite hobby- decorating blogs! I technically started perusing d├ęcor blogs long before 2010...but this year it’s become a new obsession. Plus…I’m actually attempting some of the ideas. I stink at being spontaneously creative, or coming up with ideas on my own…but I’m pretty darn good at re-creating anything. It’s a fantastic stress reliever…although it’s easy to get sucked in and waste too much time following the bunny trails of blogs.

OK….I know. Random list, eh? There was much more fantasticness that occurred in 2010…I was just trying to think of the main ones that I was gonna write about and never did. Well, there's still that dress up bday party I haven't posted about...but that required to many pictures for this post...oh...and a freaking fantastic bday gift from 2009 that has quite the story behind it that I keep putting off blogging about. OY! First 2011 a more faithful blogger! (didn't I say that last year?? dang it!)

So what were your 2010 favorites? I'd love to know...via your own blogs...or comments here...true story.