Wednesday, February 23, 2011

just a babbling post...

We interrupt this blog with an important and exclusive announcement…

My computer semi sorta went all funky-like and kinda crash-ed. This is ALL sorts of unfun, let me tell you.

SO…although I have more posts written regarding Worthship...I can’t currently access them. In fact I can’t access ANY of my stuff…no documents…no pictures…NO MUSIC. Oy vey it’s painful.

I plan on just sitting down and rewriting the posts. But then the fear of the 2nd drafts not being as good as the firsts paralyzes me. I know...I am ever so slightly completely ridiculous. But I do plan on trying to work through my issues.

I am having quite the love/hate relationship with technology lately. I can't quite figure out if it's helping us or hindering us. We tend to rely on gps so much that I'm losing my ability to just 'feel' my way around...something I use to be really good at...even in new cities. Now, if there's too many clouds or whatever and gps isn't playing nice..I suddenly can't figure out how to get to my next destination...even if I've been there before. Do you know what I mean? I'm thinking I need to find a better balance in this area.

But really...and most importantly…I need my computer functional again!!!! Who can come fix my precious baby Toshiba and nurse it back to health???