Monday, January 9, 2012

1000 Gifts- The 'When My World Exploded' Edition..

Look at me like I'm a regular blog poster! What is 5 in the last week? SO proud! Hopefully I can keep this up and start writing down the 4 billion thoughts in my head...

So this may be longer than usual...but I had several months to catch up on. And even though I felt like I was going through some of the worst of times, I still kept my eyes open to the gifts that abounded around me....and there were many....

299- car trip with the girls in the family

300- hugging my Nannie...bringing reassurance that she'd be ok

301- being in Kansas, the state of my birth...where my soul always feels unexplainably content

302- unexpected lunch with extended family

303- card games with cousins

304- court cases in our favor

305- house empty to myself

306- borrowed car during my extended Texas stay

307- reconnecting with so many old friends

308- high school pep rally at my alma mater...watching high school cheerleading friend's daughter cheer

309- suspicions confirmed and doubt erased

310- the incomparable sunsets only seen in West Texas

311- walking out, after a particulary stressful day, and being overtaken with not only a breathtaking sunset...but also my moon (the phase of the tiniest sliver, before it's even a cresent) dipping down into the vibrant colors. A quiet reminder that my God loves me, sees me...and was in complete control.

312- being reminded of the geese I had forgotten, encompassing the lakes around town, their pit stops on their way to warmer haven further south

313- prayer support from friends

314- encourging texts and emails from friends, and the understanding I wasn't at the place to respond back

315- Bethel worship videos on youtube via my phone (since ipods and computer weren't packed for my "quick weekend trip") source of sanity that helped me connect with God every morning...fixing my focus on Him, securing my feet on Truth and giving me the strength to stop the tears and get out of bed and face what the day would bring.

316- prayer times with my Mom

317- financial provision

318- exchange students you want to forever keep as part of the family

319- late night talks and prayers in parking lots with friends (because the closing restaurant kicked us out)

320- daily consumption of tex-mex! (I avoid Mexican food in CO at all costs)

321- seeing my hometown exceed the number of expectant people (by almost double, I think) wanting to attend an event to honor Israel. (even though I was among those not allowed in)

322- quick hug from ex-student working the event...and her teary gratefulness for showing her the beauty of the heart of God for His chosen people

323- Home Sweet Home....even if it is still a little crowded

324- rest and sleeping and moments of recovery

325- unwrapping my favorite menorahs...and transforming the house in Hanukkah decor

326- holiday cards with pictures and sweet notes

327- Hanukkah celebration with friends, new and old

328- trip back to TX to celebrate Christmas with the family

329- being able to stay at my Mom's house once again

330- pajamas, hot chocolate, crowded in backseat 80's style (someone laying across laps), and driving around looking at the lights

331- teary Christmas morning...overwhelmed with the faithful provision of a loving God

332- watching faces opening presents

333- home again, with more peace this time that the circumstances of TX are going to be ok

334- 7 out of town visitors for New Years Eve

335- overlooking the city lights high on a mountain top

336- Helen Hunt Falls fully frozen over

337- late night games of dominoes-with the same girls that once held this tradition many many years ago

338- 'Stashes & Lashes New Year's Eve party with friends

339- holiday decor down, fresh start with rearranged everyday decor

340- shopping with my favorite young he carefully and thoughtfully picked out his Mom's birthday present

341- Downton Abbey marathon, curled up in pj's and blankets, the house quiet once again with the kid's return to school

Every good and perfect gift is from you, Father of Lights

holy experience

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A year of no more Somedays....

OK, so I know most people have already done all their New Year's resolution's post and have moved on. After all, we're entering into the second week of January. And I'm sure you want to tell me I'm late to the party and the world has moved on by now...But, HELLO???? Are you not paying attention to the INSANITY of which has been my life these last couple of months? This last week things seem to finally be back at a semi-normal pace and level of normal stress...and I am savoring these moments. So yes, I'm a weekish late for declarations of the new year's goals....but I'm quite ok with it.

So I've said in the past that I LOVE New Year's resolutions. I love new beginnings, new goals, new outlooks, and the new energy that comes with it to push forward. As I was rolling around things in my head about this new year...I kept thinking my list was so weirdly random. And then this weekend it hit me. It's not as random as I thought it was.

This goal is work on my 'Someday List'. That list that's grown and grown over the course of my life in a constant state of procrastination. I'm checking those babies off this year. I only have a few things I can think of this moment....but my goal is to be more aware of when this thought crosses my mind, "oohh, someday I'm gonna ___"... or "I plan on doing ___" and immediately write it down and make true plans and deadlines to get them accomplished. So far the list may seem fairly frivolous...but I think I'm needing some moments of frivolousnessesness....

So the things that have come to mind already are these:

1- I've wanted to declare myself a die hard Jane Austen fan since forever. However, I don't think you can do such things until you've actually read all her major books. Because, for goodness sakes, there's only 6. I've read P&P a couple years ago...and I suddenly realized I have let these several years slip by without finishing another one of her books. So, cast your votes! I need your advice...which one should I do next? And my goal is to read it before the end of March. (also, I've tried to read Emma several times because I *thought* it would be my favorite, but I can't seem to stay with I'm thinking I should do a different one and come back to her...)

2- Audrey Hepburn movies. (this list is SO deep and spiritual, isn't it?) I ADORE Audrey. To an extreme. And I can watch Breakfast at Tiffany's and Roman Holiday (my 2 favs) over and over and over and over again. And I constantly say- I want to find ALL her movies and watch them. goal is to find at least 3 this year that I haven't seen...and add them to my collection.

3- More reading goals... I STILL have books on my shelf that I've bought and not read. My goal is to crack open at least 5 of them this year. (and yes, fully read them)

4- Bible study- there's been 2 study goals I've wanted to do for the last several years...and I'm determined to sit down and do them this year...instead of just talking about wanting to do them...

5- The pile and list of unfinished projects- between pinterest, decor blogs, the AMAZINGness of Colorado Spring's thrift stores...I can't even begin to list the amount of things I've wanted to do/redo the last couple of years. It's time to make those happen and make my house as fantastico as it is in my head.

My dichotomous personality is sometimes perfectly fabulous...and sometimes paralyzingly ridiculous. I can go with the flow and be content where I am pretty dang easy...which can unfortunately sometimes turn into large amount of wasted time happening. But at work I'm goal, task and project driven. So I'm gonna try to get my work-self mixed in a little more with my life-self.......and see what kind of spectacularness can abound in 2012.

So that's some of my crazy resolutions this year. Do you have any?? (deeply spiritual OR surfacely frivolous)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Oops....I almost forgot... (about said words)

Ack! I forgot one important thing! I think we gots to DO something with our words. So every month I'm gonna come up with a little somethin-somethin about our words to do...and I hope you follow along with me on this journey!

So- for this month- it's actually a 2 parter....but they're super simple....ready?

1- Look up your words in a dictionary...and WRITE down the dictionary definition.

2- Get the word out and in front of you! Feel free to get all pinterestly creative...or just write them with a dry erase marker on your bathroom mirror...but get those words in your home and/or office where they're all up in your grill!

Ok....ya'll in????  Get crackin!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I have my you?

So has everyone been thinking and praying about your word and characteristic??? I had been praying off and on the last couple of weeks....but it wasn't until Selah Tuesday that I actually stopped, stilled myself and listened. And of course, He faithfully spoke and confirmed.

So my word for 2012: Release! I love it!! Honestly, I kinda thought my word would be Dwell, because I adore that word so much. (I couldn't decide for MONTHS whether to name our Tuesday group Dwell or Selah) But then God was like, "Nope! It's this..." So, I think 'dwell' is just gonna continue living on in my spirit...while God declared my word to focus on for the year to be Release. I am really excited about this word! And I know it's definitely muti-sided. I believe God's speaking it for my own life in different areas....but also for others, through me. I've known for many years that part of my spiritual dna God has given me is to release others- into their destinies, into their giftings, etc. And I really believe God wants to increase this...and show me a whole new level of this aspect. I can't wait to see what 2012 holds in the Year of Release!

And my characteristic of God: Provider! For the last two years, God has given me the word Portion...and I'm kinda excited to be moving on to something new. Course now I'm thinking God's really into alliterations. Oy...but I have so much rolling around in my head about this one....fears...small revelations...reminders. I have a feeling I'm gonna have several posts about this one....

So there you have it! A couple of you already commented with your words on the last post and I L.O.V.E. them. And my Selah girls had this list:
Thankfulness and Love
Courage and Graciousness
Peace and Shepherd
Action and Faithfulness
Righteousness and Father/Faithfulness

So please please please comment and share yours! I believe with everything in me, that God is going to show us great revelations and bring us into definite new growth regarding these things.

And I'd love to hear about your last year's words too. What did God show you about a big or small way....

(I don't know what came over me while writing this. I may or may not have gotten carried away with the exclamation marks. But...I guess with passion, comes exclamation....)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

What's Your Word???

Happy New Year my beautiful blog-world people!

It's time once again for my most favorite concept E-VER!  For the last 2 years, my friends and I not only pray and find our One Word for 2012....but we take it a step further. We pray and ask God what is the one characteristic of Him that He wants us to concentrate on for this coming year. I love love love this concept and have seen testimony after testimony in my friend's lives, and of COURSE my own, when we started doing this.

So take the next couple of days to pray about your word and your characteristic of God for 2012. And then we'll come back and share them in a couple of days...shall we?

You can find a list of characteristics here.
And my original post here, in case you're new and want the full story.

Happy listening!