Monday, June 18, 2012

Jennifer...and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week*...and finding the gifts no matter how hard they hide

(*not to be confused with Alexander's day...)

So, I moved. It’s such a long complicated explanation of life…and one that I unfortunately don’t yet remotely understand…so we’ll just leave the details out for now.  But last week, I packed up my stuff and moved houses. In the midst of 400 other things going on in my life and everyone's life around me...I had a deadline to get out of my apartment. And it was one of the worse weeks of my life. Well, I’ve had some pretty bad weeks…but trust me…it rates in the Top 20 for sure. It started with a crazy, insane, unorganized, chaotic, not-enough-help, stressful, horrifying move…along with a major work deadline that required large amounts of my attention…goodbyes to exchange students returning home…averaging 3 hours of sleep at night…and then was supposed to end with an all night walk with Relay for Life…that I wasn’t even sure I could pull off. And JUST as I finally set in my heart to push through and participate…just mere hours later, I ended up coming down with a virus and instead of spending the night with friends raising money for cancer research…I spent it in the bathroom being violently ill.
And wanna know what’s worse than ending a crappy week with a crappy sickness? Being alone...and surrounded by chaos and boxes and crap and not being able to locate anything essential, (it took me 4 days to find the box that had all my jeans/pants in it) …let alone anything that would bring you any sort of comfort when you’re sick. And when you’re thinking you may die at any second…from dehydration or just misery alone…it’s those little things of comfort that really count. And mine were buried somewhere in some box…or had been left up with the Relay crew.

It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. 
And the misery of it has yet to wear off.

So I decided last night that I needed to start this week by Counting My Gifts here on my blog and finding at least 10 gifts from last week. (I’ve counted to way more than 1000 in real life…but I’m still determined to actually reach 1000 documented here on my blog) But 10....10 would be easy...right? Surely anyone could come up with a mere 10.

And tragically…I couldn't do it. Really. How horrifying is that? The first 3 were easy, the next couple took some thinking….and then, blankness. For almost 24 hours I've been trying to reach deep into my Pollyanna head and come up with more. And finally…I decided to just give in…and embrace the few I could count even tighter. But I wouldn't let myself stop before coming up with at least 7. So here they are...

342- The few friends who were able to help. Most were for short moments at a time…but they usually came when I was on the brink of collapse…and would help me get to the next step. And a couple of them were ones that barely knew me, or didn't even know me at all (my friends dragged them along) Although in the big scheme I didn’t have as much help as I needed…those that came to do what they could were literal life savers and I’m more grateful for them than I could ever possibly convey.

343- Sonic Sprites. It started many years ago after a weekend of sickness and severe dehydration…a Sprite from Sonic was the first sip I was able to keep down…and since then this seems to be my go to when I’m sick. So after a miserable night of sickness…and crying…and puking…and no sleep even though I was overwhelmingly exhausted…the timing worked out that my friend who had spent all night outside in the freezing cold at Relay for Life came home with a large Sonic Sprite with lite ice…within just hours of me being able to finally keep something down. And it was the best. Sprite. ever.

344- Having a place to live. I wasn't sure what I was going to do, or where I was going to go. The plan I thought with my whole heart would happen was no where to be found. Days were slipping away. No options were to be found. But I didn't end up homeless. Instead… I've moved into the basement of my bff…and will be there until I figure out what possibly could be next.

345- The help of my 12 year old ‘nephew’. Such a great age in a boys life of wanting to prove how grown up and strong they are. And with the never ending flights of stairs and heavy loads to carry…I would have given up more than once if he wasn't there to pick up the slack. So so grateful for his strength and stamina when no other help was around.

snug as a bug in a rug
346- My polka dot blanket and down comforter. NOT my favorite go-to comfort choices…BUT an extremely close 2nd…I mean, my uber soft, bright colored, giant polka dot throw is a pretty fabulous thing to snuggle with…and you can’t help but smile when you see it. So I was thankful this happened to be easily findable when I needed to wrap up in something comforting. 

347- Conversations of strangers. So within the crazy chaos of the week, I also had major work deadlines that I had to balance…AND had to go a week w/no internet at the house because for some reason it takes that long to flip a stupid switch. But I digress…
So with the work deadlines…once I was officially out of my house, I’d have to get up early and spend all day/evening at some coffee shop/restaurant with wifi so I could concentrate on work. This was also highly stressful. BUT…I have to say…the conversations I’ve overheard over the last couple of weeks have been HIGH, h-igh entertainment…and kept my mind on things other than the horrifyness abounding around me. Colorado Springs has got be one of THE best places for people watching/eavesdropping on because of our vast eclecticness. I’ve heard pastors discussing church visions and logistics…all types of business schemes…old ladies monthly get-togethers…friends catching up…religious discussions from every spectrumfrom crazy…to insightful…to inspiring…to having to stifle laughs so they wouldn’t know I was listening in…I’ve actually enjoyed getting to listen in on what’s going on in the world around me. Even right now, I’m listening to some DISGUSTING conversation about a girls diet and what she substitutes in her food- as she discusses this with some stranger who works for a news channel. Why? I don’t know. Something about ground up organs and chicken back. Ok, sorry…there should have been a disclaimer for that last sentence. But I’m not making this up or even remotely embellishing. This is the city in which I liveand love.

348- I survived. And I know that God is still goodall the time. 

And for the start of this week...

349- Working internet earlier than expected!! Just got a call that the internet is now working at the house……and this week is officially starting off on a better note.

*Oh! Oh! Oh! Bff Holly to the rescue who pointed out another gift from last week after discussing this with me... TRAILERS. How did I leave off trailers? So yes...most definitely... #350 (and #8 for the week) - the two trailers I got to borrow...and the two men who let me borrow them... 

Oh! It’s for dogs!!! Not HER diet…she makes her own dog food!!! WHEW. Still crazy…and you'll never convince me that I should be serving my dog ground up organs and bones of a chicken back...but I feel SO much better about where she’s at in life! Even with working internet at my house...I may have to continue with at least weekly coffee shop adventures. Just to remember that I'm much more sane than I give myself credit for....