a whole lotta little about moi

I am a girl of Passion.
Passion for my God...
Passion for worship...
Passion for the people of God...
Passion for the nation of Israel...
Passion for women to rise up out of silence and take their places...
Passion to see people fulfill their destinies...
Passion to see truth revealed...
Passion to change the world.

I ♥ coffee in giant mugs...books, old and new...music that makes me wish I was a performer...laughing till I cry…knitting...babies...the cuisine of the Eastern side of the world...theme parties...purpose...diy projects...people passionate about their beliefs...justice…reading curled under a blanket or while taking a hot bath…the nations...art...kingdom living…making others laugh so hard they snort...accessories...praying with others...thrift stores...making others think and rethink…equality of women...words and meanings...staying out of the box...the subject of revival...time with friends...singing as if no one can hear...world changers-both past and present...

I am a girl who laughs excessively…and tears up incessantly.
I am a natural networker.
I'm a big picture kind of girl, and can see the details of what's needed to get there.
I don’t believe in legalism.
I tend to automatically dislike anything mainstream.
I despise having my picture taken...and am thoroughly annoyed with people who think it's funny to sneak one.
I never feel like I adequately express what I’m really thinking or feeling....and therefore...
I am constantly misunderstood, misinterpreted and misjudged.
I analyze everything…all the time…trying to always connect as many pieces as possible throughout life.
I’m prone to dramatic outburst.
I continually believe the best of people…even when I’m crazy to do so. And because of that...
I tend to hold people to higher standards than they hold themselves.
I make up my own words and grammar rules.
I am a worker of justice and lover of mercy.
Some people have called me the most tenacious person they know.
Some people have called me the most stubborn person they know.
I am far more aware of what’s going on around me than I ever let on.
My Prince Charming has apparently fallen off his horse and is lying injured somewhere...or dead.
Despite popular opinion, I don’t like controversy…but I do like making people think outside their box.
I sometimes cuss…and don’t think God cares.
I drink alcohol…and know God doesn't care.
I will defend the defenseless and fight for the underdog every. dang. time.
I love discussing topics with people of opposite opinions, and never take the disagreements personal.
I don’t fit in the box of typical personality test descriptions…and have finally come to terms with knowing this is how God created me.
I want to undo everything Constantine did to derail the Church.
I follow the Biblical kosher laws cause God said so.
I follow the Biblical holidays and not the pagan-adopted-by-Christians ones.
I desperately want to find true truth.
I believe we should stop and gaze upon the beauty of the Lord.
I believe in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation…and that the beginning and the end are equally important.
I believe the history of Christianity and the Church as a whole has done a crap job of revealing to the world who Jesus really is.
I believe Christians need to know a whole lot more about the Biblical roots of their religion.
I believe we are all still seeing through a glass darkly.
I believe this world needs more hope... more grace…more peace…and most of all…more love.
I believe we are all called to make a difference...